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  1. Nah It's impossible in my views to crash the bitcoin.As you can see the price it's at the top of the leader board.And nowadays everyone takes interest in the bitcoin.Everyone wishes to earn bitcoin.Crashing of the bitcoin is impossible.
  2. Yes ofcourse I'll be interested 1in the career section.Because it will be best for me to do a part time job.Moreover I like jobs in the Information and Technology.Because I take interest in this field.
  3. I don't think I'm going to stop using the crypto currencies.Because for me they are lot of beneficial.As the price of bitcoin has increased too much than previous year and I got a good profit.This is the reason that I love crypto currencies.
  4. This option is good to invest.But it entirely depends on your luck.If you're calls are right then you can get profit.Otherwise you'll make a loss.So I think if you want to take risk then go for the money.Taking high risk isn't good for your money.
  5. I'm not new but still this platform is a great for everyone.I think we should also tell or about this great platform.So that they can also learn something about crypto and can earn a handsome earning.
  6. A lot of new members usually get warning posts.The reason behind this is that they don't follow the rules if the forum.As a beginner every one tries to make lot of posts.In this way they don't read it follows the rules and get warning posts.
  7. Helping each other and sharing knowledge is a great step.Because wet all earn from here.So I think it's our responsibility to take care ofbeach other and help each other.We should also help the beginners to stay from a right way.
  8. Thinking like this isn't appreciable.Just keep on working here and earn from this great opportunity.There is no any other platform like this one.That why keep advantage of this great platform and keep learning from this forum.
  9. Some airdrops are good.But lot of them are not worth to trust.Also their it's very slow if anyone is legit.That's a very tough task.So I'm not going to join airdrops anymore and can't truat them too.
  10. If you want to be successful in any field.You have to follow your experts of that field.Learning from the successful people will make you like them.Follow their steps and you can successful soon.
  11. Yeah there is a risk for sure in increasing in the yobit investbox.That's why you should think and seek advice of the experts before investing.Although you can.make a good profit if you are a good investors.
  12. In my opinion if your posts are interesting and useful.Then people will surely give you reputation.Reputation depends on the quality of posts.Creating a very good post can increase chances of your reputation boost.
  13. I don't think the crypto compaign can end.Because lot of new members are joining this forum and it's good for the forum 4that the number of members ihas been increasing continuously.That's why I think it will stay and we have great chance to earn and learn from this forum.
  14. Yeah earning few bitcoin is good but free is always in less amount.But you can gather some free investment from the free bitcoin.I'll suggest you to invest in trading only.Does teaching isn't a scam and also lot of profitable.
  15. Nice information brother.Posts qualityshould be strange and different from others and interesting as well.In this way I think post can attract lot of people to give reputation and share their opinions.
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