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  1. If you are talking about the trade exchanges inside of the digital space it should be decentralized since we are talking about privacy and security of the users as a protection for potential by passers trying to get accessed to their accounts. If I am going to weigh between the two, I would choose the decentralized since it is more secured than the other one because of the security that it has and protection that it provides to the users. I am not trusted to centralized sector since they have still access to the account of the people who are investing to them which is kind of frightening since they could somehow keep those assets that you have and they are controlled by government.
  2. I do not know if I can still afford to support this kind of project since I already got an experience which is a bad experience about the coins being introduced. I never thought that it would turn out to be something like that since the popularity that it has really is something that is why I get curious about it. Due to curiosity I invest to that coin and try to at least hold so I could generate profit which is the practical way in the trade exchange market but the sad part there is that it suddenly dropped its value until it reaches zero and never rises up again.
  3. Sometimes when we engage ourselves to something we should not always think of having a benefit from it. We should seek first on how to know the different things that is needed. In the cryptocurrency, if you only wanted is to get rich out of it there could be a lot of possibility that could frustrate you since the only goal you have is to milk profit out of it so that you could become rich. I never suggest on doing that because the more you know the more you become more successful in what you are doing. You need to learn first to become successful that is why most of us are here because we wanted to gather all of the knowledge that we needed in order to avoid the risk that we might encounter in the future if ever we are going to engage ourselves in a difficult decision regarding cryptocurrency
  4. This would give a huge gap for all the people who are already engaged to this kind of activity to those who are yet to know what is cryptocurrency is all about. This is actually frightening since we are opt to go with the flow of change then they would have no choice but to do so. There might be a possibility that other people who already know about cryptocurrency take advantage of those who have no idea what is this about which is one of the saddest parts that you could possibly see in that gap. It is dangerous for those who are innocent for this since they don’t know who to trusts since even the thieves itself would transition themselves to cryptocurrency and commit their unlawful act inside of the digital space.
  5. The concept of block chain technology itself is already good to be taught to all of the students. This kind of concept should be taught since we know that we are always pursuing for our freedom. That is why we really need to pursue on teaching them about the block chain technology. I would say that it is not possible for the other universities or schools to take an initiative in doing this since we are most likely to adopt the technology age where we are capable of depending more to technology rather than manpower of a real person itself. I am guessing that some schools out there might actually get to introduced it already to their students since other countries are already accepting cryptocurrency.
  6. For the mean time I would only grind to this forum to gather profit so that I could generate more investment in trading. I actually wanted to focus in trading so much because it is has the most number of possibilities. It actually takes time before to gain profit to trading but it is worth the wait especially if you totally managed to gain a profit that is double the value of your investment just because of trading. After doing this kind of forum, i would like to start on mining so that I could possible make a more profitable passive income in the future because the more investment I have in trading the more I could generate profit from it also.
  7. Honestly, the only thing that I would feel whenever I lost any kind of thing is frustration. If we are talking about the item that I have lost I will be frustrated because of how long the attachment that I have put in to it. And since we are talking about the loss about money I would be frustrated because of how hard I work for it and yet somehow I did not accumulate a profit but instead a loss. I don’t mind backing myself up again and just be better on doing things again. In trading, I personally think that it is better to risk less even though you are only a short term trading. I already experience having a huge loss because of risking to invest in a newly introduced coin that suddenly dropped its price to zero.
  8. Yes, I have always given all of my thoughts on how would I end things that I have started and starting to be engaged in the crypto industry is one of them. I know that I might stop using this but I will store all the coins that once that I had for future reference. I will definitely stop using it if ever I do not have any use for it anymore. But with that said, I will not totally cut my ties with the crypto industry because I will still put an amount which is good enough as an investment so that one of the people that I choose might inherit it and used it for their own accord.
  9. Having a cryptocurrency is no doubt a good idea because it could be a passive income for you especially now because of limited things you can do. But if you put it like that where you would convert all of your flat currency into digital coins that would not be practical but ambitious move I guess. Yeah, you could potentially make a huge amount of investment since you get to convert all of your money but the possibility of having a scammer also is there which is why it is better to play safe and don’t risk your money that you have. You still need to think practically not just about the futuristic ideas that you have about getting too much profit because of having a huge amount of investment. Still save for your own to provide your basic needs then you convert all the remaining money that you have in the flat currency to cryptocurrency.
  10. It was around 2016 I guess when someone introduced to us the bitcoin. At first, I thought that was the only currency used in the digital space because of lack of knowledge I did not engage myself to go deep down in the crypto industry. Less than two years from now, when I initially started joining the crypto industry but more on trading since I have an prior knowledge on how the graph works somewhat know how the buy and sell industry works also so I used those knowledge to engage in this kind of activities. And now, not more than a month since I started joining this kind of forum to post the knowledge you wanted to share with a relation to cryptocurrency while being paid.
  11. I guess you could use the law of demand here, where the more users are interested to your platform, there could be a possibility that they could be engaged to the trading system if ever that is the platform is about. The more people registered to the platform has a possibility that could make a coin price to be high due to the popularity it gathers to all sort of trade exchange platforms. What more is the popularity also it has in the trade exchange platforms individually which is why they all have their own different prices on their coins in the trade exchange market to their platforms.
  12. This might be a flaw of block chain technology since it is private that almost no one could gain access to someone’s account, it is easy to track the records about this money laundering. I guess this could be a feature that could be improved by the block chain technology so that the users who are using cryptocurrencies might be able to fight back if ever they get caught in this kind of misfortune event. As a comparison to centralized sector where in they could gain access to all users’ accounts in the banks, they could also track the flow of the money when and where it goes.
  13. Be vigilant at any times. You should be careful to any links or other things that you are clicking on the internet you may never know whether it is harmful or not and sometimes being used as a tool of the scammer to get control over of your account. You will never get scammed if you are wise enough not to trust to any suspicious activities of any platforms or other users you have seen. Be knowledgeable, so that you would not get tricked immediately by scammers because that would only be the key to at least avoid the risk of falling to the trap of scammers. And also don’t be greedy just have patience and it will be worth it.
  14. I would say that cryptocurrency will last but not forever. I think there are still potential things that could happen in the future that might happen and one of those is the possibility of transitioning the currency that we have which is the flat currency to cryptocurrency. I know there would be more things that cryptocurrency could improve since there are infinite possibilities in the digital space. There would be a time that the centralized sector would start accepting the block chain technology and could be the start of the possible downfall of the banks. I am not speculating things but if we are talking about the long run, there would always be something that would rise up to stand against something that is popular or well known by the all of the people.
  15. I guess I have the same experience as you. I don’t know exactly what happen to you but I also became frustrated when I got a problem related to something that I have invested so much time. I also have an altcoin that I thought would be good so that I could generate more profit other than relying on bitcoin as my primary trade in the market. That’s why I invest so much in to that coin but someday past the price of the coin suddenly drop that it reaches to zero which cannot be used since it has no value at all. I am so frustrated at that time that I think of quitting but I managed to bounce back since I still have some left in my wallet to invest to other coins. I guess I moved forward in not thinking of those things anymore and be cautious to all kind of judgment that I would make in some time.
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