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  1. thats not a dream.. thats just being vigilant. i think u should try again. what would you do if that happens?
  2. side note... is this who i think it is? is this scooter?i think it is...
  3. OH MY GOD THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! But why those three.. you could have better girls
  4. What type of game development are you doing now? any? What are you wanting to get into? Have you tried anything yet?
  5. My Dream... I want a boat i can anchor somewhere in a shallow area of international waters. Has to have good satellite internet and enough solar panels to power some mining gear. And i continue to make enough to survive...not necessarily get rich.. but i live without worry for my next meal you know. im not greedy, But if the crypto god looks down and blesses me.. who to say that boat gets turned into a freight transport thats converted into a luxury vessel with an entire room size generator to power all the mining gear i want
  6. i think you and i were blessed by the same same thing happens to me you ahead of the game than most. i had a few times i could cash out and pay the electric bill.. most of my i dump affter i reach the goal of my next purchase of mining gear or PC hardware.
  7. We all wanna be rich. I know.. But what is it that you are wanting to do when you hit that special payout? Whats the story and how you planning on making it a reality?
  8. That i honestly dont know.. i say just do it till they dont pay. hopefully tho, i think this is the plan at least.. once it does stop you will find that you like the place and hopefully made connections and friends with some on here and will still continue to use even without being paid to
  9. I think there may be need for more strict regulations. Would you sacrifice some "pseudo anonymity" and possibly pay a slight tax for a guarantee like FDIC in an exchange? Or would you sacrifice a percentage.. this is brainstorming paying an insurance fee at an exchange for the in case something happens while coins are in the exchanges care you are guaranteed your funds up to a certain amount?Insert other media
  10. I have to say this again. this place is one of two exchanges that i actually feel safe having coin on. I feel support cares and are concerned if you feel there is need to be concerned. Viva la unnamed!!!!!!
  11. its usually an hour or so before it is credited to your yobit account sometimes quicker
  12. I am just surprised it is actually paying.. no ofense admin but i really thought it was just goonna be i post and then get called a scammer or something and then coins get denied.. but no.. its paying. thanx!
  13. Welllllllllllllllllllll.... Lol no im joking. I read your stuff. I just wanna get the rep points u have.
  14. its as secure as we can make wordpress. how much wordpress experience do you have? are you asking from possible interest in working together? i have about 3 years of coding experience in html, css, js, php . I know python, enough c++ to fake it till i make it. and have access to friends and community members to assist when hitting roadblocks.
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