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  1. You are spot on with your trading tips above. I like your back up plan to keep the dolla$ in your wallet handy if there is a massive dip like the one we had this week when BTC went down to 6.6k. I filled my bags because I had some spare change. I didn’t wanna miss out. Thanks for sharing.
  2. The So called experts are predicting BTC to touch the 10k area before Xmas. I think it’s a possibility. Hence, why I bought more when we had that dip to 6.6k. Filled up my bags already. Happy trading.
  3. Easy to say yobit exchange is a great place to buy and sell coins. They seem to be very up to date with what’s going on the market place. Hence, why so many coins always on maintenance. That’s a bit of a downside for me and it needs a bit of improvement on that department. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I agree it’s a top platform based in the Uk. One has to pass KYC verification process before purchasing. It takes a bit of time getting all of that sorted but it’s a 100% legit. I’ve used it myself and can vouch for it. Good luck.
  5. A newbie who frequently uses cryptotalk will gain invaluable knowledge about crypto and earning a few satoshi at the same time. Keep reading and participating as much as you can on daily basis to enhance your ability and pick up a few tips along the way to becoming a crypto expert in the future. Happy earning and learnings
  6. Collecting 1 sat coins per day isn’t worth it to make up a few dollars. It will take you years clicking on them free coins offered on yobit exchange to make a few dollars. You better off clicking on view adds or something similar. Happy collecting freebies.
  7. Keep it crypto talk, don’t use jargon crypto words so everyone will have a chance to respond to your post. The simpler the better. Happy posting.
  8. Opt for quality posts rather than quantity, you don’t have to reply to every post to make up the numbers. Stop copy paste, no spam. Keep it crypto talk. Happy posting.
  9. Today BTC is going crazy alright this time heading south. down to 7645 right now. ive shorted the top but then closed my position early fearing might go up again, looks like bloodshed finished, lets hope it will start the climb back up again, thanks for sharing
  10. Excellent work Mr. Thanks for thorough explanation on how to do signature. I will defiantly use this guide to set up mine. thanks for sharing.
  11. Easy said then done when someone tells me don’t panic. I shorted BTC last night x50 I took a risk and it paid off. The only thing I regret is closing my shorts early. Did I panic hell yes I did. It was the right decision though. I was satisfied with what I’ve made. Thanks is for sharing.
  12. I make money by buying and selling BTC. I don’t go after every trade but I trade when I see an opportunity to make profits. You have to take risks to earn a bit of money on a daily basis. Good luck trading.
  13. China are also planning to launch their own digital currency within 6-12 months so I heard. That’s also very good news for cryptoworld not just for the Chinese military. Thanks for sharing.
  14. If and when there’s is a new announcement or changes to terms and condition you get red ( pay attention members)or green pinned message at the top of the page. You can’t miss it. The last pinned message we had was about Air airdrop as far as I remember. Thanks for sharing.
  15. If something ain’t broken why fix it (why change it) that’s my policy when running a business. Overhead cost adds up very quickly. One has to keep to budget in order to make ends meet. I love this forum, easy to use without an app for now. Thanks for sharing.
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