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  1. If he does it a second time I might. For now give him the benefit of making 1 mistake and not getting punished for it everyone deserves a second chance. I get notification to my email we’ll see what happens. Thanks
  2. I know I should but I’m not going to as I have my reasons. I have the feeling this person is non English speaker or very little. Maybe that’s his only income. His post now has soo many replies lol it’s up to the moderators to investigate it.
  3. Just found out about a post I made about a week ago that someone copied and pasted a line from the advice I’ve given him as a title for his post and used my post as his own post lol . I laughed when I saw that how funny. Not even a description of the title hahaha shall I repost or not?
  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I wish I knew that then. Anyways, it’s all done and dusted and I have to live with my mistakes in the past. Already waved goodbye to my poor ETH.
  5. What it means is, there is no such thing as free coins if you are just here to claim free coins for you to be benefit from our free giveaway you need to make 20 trades before you start claiming. Thanks
  6. Rafbouk

    Scam Warning

    I am his proof if you read what I’ve typed above you’ll understand. I’m glad he did post it to warn others about this fraudster. And his games. Thanks
  7. Very interesting answers and views about ETC in this thread. Very informative some of you know what your talking about, you lost seem to know more that I do. Thanks for sharing your views really gained some knowledge about ETC as well as ETH.
  8. I like your work, excellent stuff. Sooner or later you gonna Gonna be a rich man. Very inspiring for others to think out of the box and come up with ideas like yours. Well done Mr. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Excellent stuff. Dedication is needed if you want to be a freelancer. Not sure how much you gonna earn if let’s say you joined all of the freelance sites mentioned above. You need to put on a good 10 hour shit or more a day to earn enough. Thanks
  10. Rules are rules stick to them and you’ll be fine In this community, break them and youl’ll end up getting punished for them. What would we do without rules huh. It’s the same with driving, break the rules and you’ll end up getting punished . Thanks
  11. Imagine if he was a real financial advisor! He’ll bring your business/ assets to the zero value. They’ll end up here writing posts on cryptotalk to earn 1000satoshi per post. Good try though, tried to think out of the box. Thanks
  12. Thanks for pointing out about the 20% referral rewards breakdown. I know it’s little what if you invite 100 people and what if 10 of them trade 20 BTC between so the calculations my friend. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Rafbouk


    I respect your opinion. It’s not people’s money they tipping with. Like I said it has to be sponsored by yobit/ cryptotalk partnership, maybe after this reward program it’s finishes I don’t know it was just an idea.
  14. If your friends has been banned that’s a different ball game altogether. It’s not a log in issue. That’s a hard one. He must of broke yobit rules of conduct. Ask him to submit a ticket to. Yobit support and see what happens. Thanks
  15. I totally agree with your statement. Spot in Mr. Everything starts from zero, a couple of weeks ago we had probably a few members look where we are now. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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