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  1. Since altcoin season has come and bitcoin dominance has slightly plummet down. It would be wise to invest and pick an altcoin that has good volume, road, whitepaper. It doesn't need to be necessary popular.
  2. That depends in the coins you have chosen ? if its BTC, ETH or XRP then you probably wouldn't need to sell, except if you urgently need the money. These are common mistakes for people starting. You should take this as lesson learned and to not get FOMO.
  3. Even though i want to buy it, it's to risky if you buy bitcointalk account cause you might be flag as the wrong person. You know how it is in that forum. Another reason i wouldn't trust my 0.015 BTC in the hopes that you're legit.
  4. You need to move this thread to the "About forum" section this topic is appropriate there. I to share the same opinion, so we can see who and how many races use cryptotalk.
  5. You can check it in your yobit account. If you're a bounty hunter and joined the airdrop telegram group. The instructions are clear there, in order for you to receive yodollars you must wait until 24 hrs. If you've confirm that you're not a bot, after 24 hrs you will receive your Yodollars in investbox. From there check it in your balance.
  6. I never thought of it as a job cause you know the rates is, well you can't really call them salary. In my country the cost of living is pretty expensive. So im just doing the payperpost to accumulate bitcoins.
  7. You must be very well informed when the price overbought and put stop losses to immediately short incase the price starts a correction. Not having an exit plan, is risky might cause in loss of profit.
  8. Im curious what does bynamic do, so its more like an investbox where you can invest and get weekly return ? So my second question is where the funds gets stored, do you have escrows ?
  9. I'd rather invest on potential projects rather creating the cryptocurrency for myself through coding that will bring lots of bugs and headache's and you need funds to promote and list your own cryptocurrency to exchanges.
  10. Some of them have different and unique features most of them are meant to embrace institutional investors, while the others is decentralize and introduces financial freedom and secure fast low cost fee that normally takes weeks in fiat.
  11. Trading can be definitely make you rich if you have a capital for investment that's the essential part of you want to make a financial living of it and possibly achieve dreams. But it is also a double edge sword that can make you go homeless.
  12. That method may not be fruitful, because the potential profit becomes lesser also. The best method is to invest in trusted coins that can be a safe sanctuary for long term investment or if you aiming for a short term put necessary stop losses to not get rekt if trend reverses.
  13. So far so good, its much better than bitcointalk in terms of design better newer also it has more capabilities. The notifications features is what i love the most, because you dont have to go through all the post to find that specific thread to read some updates. A few missing are projects and campaign but overall its better than the latter.
  14. It will be more eye catching if it has more detail in the description like example a whitepaper and a roadmap and the link of owners and its businesses. How can be it use to generate passive income ? Does it have a signature & bounty for promotion ?
  15. BSV and BCH they're my top shitcoins, basically they're just a copy paste type of coins that's the result of the hardfork from bitcoin and it doesn't offer something new in the cryptomarket except from being centralized.
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