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  1. i think you havent seen previous posts of other newbies who have the same problem and let me tell you that you might have posted in some sections that are unpaid.
  2. i think right now is the best time to buy altcoins in the market as we all have seen some coins bottom here and it would be great to hodl now for long time.
  3. we all know that many financial experts out there have been bashing bitcoin and crypto in general and they try to discredit it in the eyes of the public because crypt is the biggest threat to them,.
  4. i think this man is obviously lying because you dont just lose all your private key copies and if you do so then you were not a responsible man in the first place.
  5. right now we are in depression phase in the chart because a lot of those who has been in the market for over 2 years since the last alt season still havent gained anything and thats why i think alt season will be around the corner.
  6. the thing is you should not be handing out reputation like its Halloween candy bro, you should only give it out when you see something new and informative.
  7. i dont believe samsung will ever release a coin into the market because first of all they havent been big on investing into crypto so far and i dont think they will start soon.
  8. i believe bat have the capacity to be one of the top 20 coins in the future and i think there have now been more than millions of people using their brave browser.
  9. a lot of people are missing out on this great opportunity to make easy money with bitcoin and crypto in general and they are afraid of it because the news say its a scam.
  10. i think many traders these days depending on luck and thats why we see so many people complaining about losing money in crypto because they just use luck.
  11. lately all those pumps and dumps in the market got many of us questioning if those price changes are legit or is it just scams by those big whales and i say its whales making money.
  12. yea if this happened to any other coin it would have been dead now and out of the market and thats why i always say keep your money on a coin that can bounce back after its decline.
  13. i think there is some potential for btt to turn into a big coin in the future but we all still have some concerns when it comes to the total supply.
  14. i think we have all seen some coins disappear from the market because of the lack of work from developers or the community of the coin got into a fight but the thing is we cant trust coins long term anymore.
  15. those privacy coins are the last good bit of crypto we have left that isnt controlled by governments or banks and through it we can send money anywhere without a trace.
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