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  1. Yea exactly. .Most of us here will profit from future campaign whether it is signature campaigns or any other and I am sure in the future people will ve sell their crytpotalk account based on the rank just like bitcointalk accounts are sold.
  2. All those are true but I would debate the point about bitcoin acceptance worldwide because we are still taking our small steps into that but I think the more people know about bitcoin the eager they will be to use it for transactions.
  3. There is no short cuts in mining man ..just have enough money to buy your mining rig and set it up or just see YouTube videos that teach you how to set up your mining rig and join a mining pool.
  4. Yeah you are correct but they takw too long too adjust the real volume and sometimes newbies go and buy those scam coins.i swear if it was up to me then coinmarketcap will have only 250 coins in it and thats it.
  5. Oh ok and thats correct because during those hacks I see people blaming the etheruem network for being weak and forget that eth wasn't hacked but the exchange is.same with bitxoin it can't be hacked but it could be stolen from exchanges.
  6. There are many fake exchange websites now and what I do is always check the domain and thw website address before I enter my info because there are many websites phishing for people's password to the real website. Like binance and yobit
  7. i think the forum campaign has already been going on for too long now because this is now about to be 3 months of payment which is why i think they will stop it at the end of this year, its been good and fun tho.
  8. Yea its a fork of the bitcoin blockchain and this coin in particular was the worst fork of bitcoin after bitcoin diamond because they all just forked and started dumping in price because nobody was willing to hold the coin at all.
  9. well how about using TRX as mean of payment worldwide? for one reason that the transactions of TRX dont take that long at all while bitcoin can take more than 10 min sometimes.
  10. to me i think what makes the coin valuable is the project of the coin because if the project is not good then the coin wouldnt attract more investors, and also depends on the team and their reputation because one bad team member can affect the coin badly just like TENX project was affected but its scammer CEO.
  11. yea i dont think anyone would be dumb enough to choose the 1 bitcoin over 10k in fiat but if this question was asked in 2017 bull run we would have different answers. Because the price was pumping everyday.
  12. its insane to know that 1/8 of the world population is using one app, now imagine if this app started using its TEL coin for payment and it was accepted worldwide it will be massive pump in TEL price.
  13. its something that happens every year and newbies still on here asking why the price is down at this time of the year lol, but i think the more they stick around the more they will learn.
  14. yea some big russian whales but i think they started this forum to have it as a competition for bitcointalk and soon might even replace other forums and be number 2 after bitcointalk.
  15. well not really because i have seen it many times when coins suddenly pump in value by 1400% and you see on coinmarketcap that the coin has a marketcap of 100 milion but in reality the coin only has less than 50k dollars
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