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  1. Just dont be fooled by this frauds, you know if its scam because they will offer you a "good to be true' deal, dont trust anyone especially if its on telegram.
  2. For your other staff of members you should post some of their information for potential customers and visitors it can gain more trust if you do that. Maybe some people will review their profile to see if the project have potential.
  3. For now the forum is active because of the contest and also the paid to post here. To be honest lets see what will the outcome if the contest is finished on november and they will removed the pay to post. Who will stay and became a loyal members?
  4. I think thats not easy to do to earn in via trading because we cannot predict the outcome price of altcoins, for now the market is down especially btc and eth. So i think its a gamble or risk, just go for the new potential and little price altcoins ranging the price of 0.001 usd
  5. You are only two members in this project can you really developed this project? No other staffs to help you like advisors, developers, partners or even investors that invested in your company.
  6. Steampunkz

    Scam ico

    Ico are not to be trusted this days because of most of ICOS are scam most like its 80 to 90% surely to become scam before and after it launches. But there are still 10% which is legit company, and you need first to review and research if they are really trusted.
  7. I only see russian local board here? I think its a little bit unfair to other members here, who would like to express and communicate thru their own languages, some people here are not that fluent in english.
  8. Do you know some bounty platform that pays in ETH or BTC or you can easily trade your bounty tokens for eth instantly in the site. For now alt tokens and coinhave 80% chance to became shitcoins, and majority of it will take months for the bounty hunter to sell them in the trade market.
  9. Etn status right is not that okay, as i visited the coinmarketcap.com i looked some of their information and as for the price of ETN its has been dumped 80% from its beginning price.
  10. Well i have seen this project on bitcointalk that have been attracting members because of its unique features however many now are supporting this minter coin and the hype is increasing right now.
  11. If you are looking for best and legit gambling sites. This are the sites that i already tested and have already cashout bitcoin few months ago when i was active on gambling. 1. Stake 2. Bitsler 3. Primedice 4. Onehash
  12. Steampunkz

    Mobile Mining

    I second demotion on that because ive been using 2 mobile miner named PI and electruneum for months now and as far i see my phone is just fine its not even using my phone rams and my phone is like normal like nothing happen or installed.
  13. Goodwork on the new system established, its seems similar to bitcointalk but still this is another way for the pioneer members to recognized from their contribution on the forum. I am expecting more developments to come!
  14. As i can see right now the signature campaign in bitcointalk is very effective and its been attracting different visitors to the site. Plus the members are growing each day. Well they made a good move hiring quality and trusted campaign manager to hire participants.
  15. Plus one on coinbase this is one of the trusted exchange out there. Also try localbitcoins.com, coinpayments, binance, cex, kraken and other more.
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