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  1. I have still cryptos in cryptopia exchange. I hope they will not delay the resume of their services to all the investors, traders and members.
  2. Can the airdrop reward available to withdraw instantly after we finish the steps?
  3. Another potential project from yobit, ill be watching this thread for while to see what are the benifets of holding yodollar, kodus to the team and congrats on the launching. 8ws46pe2b
  4. As far as I know Libra or Calibra has been facing serious problems right now, Example of this are the news I read about big Investors Backing out from there program recently and some Politician are now against it, But still its facebook product so it has a big potential outcome right?
  5. Its a trusted site and if you want to earn few satoshi you can put some on it for everyday percentage from your account balance, The minimum for you to participate is 30k satoshis. So for me its like a wallet that you can earn slowly.
  6. If this forum was created and the topic was posted years ago, Surely there is a big chance that you can earn from free coins in YoBIT remembers BTC's price pumped to 20k Same as many altcoins. Like peercoins I saw that yobit give faucets of 5 Peer coins per claim. Its biggest price in history was 5$. My conclusion for now, We cannot earn big time from cryptos because of it volatile price.
  7. If you are looking for bitcoins for free try ( ) the most legit oldest faucets out there. or these ones below. 1. Freebitcoin : New site but same features as the old freebitco you earn up 300$ USD via Free Rolls ( ) 2. Cointiply : You can Earn Satoshis via : Watching videos ,Offer walls , Pay to Click ads Browser games ( 3 . BonusBitcoin : You can earn and claim from this faucet every 15 minutes up to 5k satoshis plus they have loyalty program ( 4 Moonbitcoin: This faucet site has been established since 2015, You claim here every 5 minutes plus bonus every active user. Also you can mine satoshi using your CPU power if you want, But not recommended, ( 5. Bitfun : Claim bitcoin every 3 minutes plus there are other stuffs to earn satoshis like playing games viewing offers and rolling Dice ( 6. Satoshi Labs : Claim every 5 minutes 10 to 30 satoshis , earn via surveys and simple task, short links ( ) If you have other legit sites and faucets that you know please comment down below.
  8. Ive learned about this forum in bitcointalk and its been a trending because of the pay to post features of the site. I think this one of a kind of forum out there. Nickname: steampunkz Address: Summer Capital of the P.H Date Joined: September, 27 2019 Hobby: Mining, Bounty hunter, Playing Online games like DOTA2 Favorite color: Black, White Job: Dishawasher Favorite coin: ETH, BTC, All coins that in my METAMASK When you know BTC: 2012 Motto: soon
  9. I noticed in your wallet that's still improvement like the BTC logo in the upper left corner of the wallet. If someone like to mine your coins is there any software and miners that directly mine Zentoshi.
  10. For me I'm using wallet so there are many ways for btc that i can use from, Like paying water and electric bill, buying loads for my prepaid sim, steam wallets and garena shells, Also I can use bitcoins to pay my government benefits like SSS and other more.
  11. For your other staff of members you should post some of their information for potential customers and visitors it can gain more trust if you do that. Maybe some people will review their profile to see if the project have potential.
  12. I think thats not easy to do to earn in via trading because we cannot predict the outcome price of altcoins, for now the market is down especially btc and eth. So i think its a gamble or risk, just go for the new potential and little price altcoins ranging the price of 0.001 usd
  13. You are only two members in this project can you really developed this project? No other staffs to help you like advisors, developers, partners or even investors that invested in your company.
  14. I only see russian local board here? I think its a little bit unfair to other members here, who would like to express and communicate thru their own languages, some people here are not that fluent in english.
  15. Etn status right is not that okay, as i visited the i looked some of their information and as for the price of ETN its has been dumped 80% from its beginning price.
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