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  1. 8f8rw52hz - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. greed will only make us lose the opportunity to make a profit.
  3. Yes. Crypto is unpredictable.and we can always hope the altcoin will go to the moon.
  4. Yup. I think its very good to invest in bitcoin. Because th price is always increase every year.
  5. Your friend will not get the payment until he makes >100 post. Its very clear. Although your friend join before 11/11.
  6. Yup i think so. But i still loss if i sell it now. I chiise to hold until the price is up than sell in low price.
  7. Yes we can sell and buy bitcoin with our currency. Because there is local exchange that we can use to buy and sell crypto with fiat money.
  8. Cryptocurrency in my country just as investment and not as a payment. Because cryptocurrency do not have a permit in my country. But has been considered and considered by the government only as an investment.
  9. I did not get anything because my capital is stuck on altcoin and i can not buy bitcoin because i dont have a capital.
  10. Me too. Yesterday ihave make 30 post but they just paid 14 post in the morning after that i make a post they dont pay me. I dont know why. But they often dont pay. Before a few weeks ago had also happened like this.
  11. Buy bitcoin in low price its very good decision. Because bitcoin will rise up soon.
  12. Yup. Waiting its good if we dont know what should we do.
  13. Yeah many magic will happen beyond our prediction. But we must carefully because maybe that miracle didn't happen.
  14. Bitcoin is not a dream. Bitcoin is real although there is no physical form. But Bitcoin like a real money.
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