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  1. This project I think is around to stay....they have a serious long term plan very solid and well connected. Plus pundix is one coin that can bring real world value to our planet..coins like these kinds are very useful and therefore I think have the most incentric Value.....pundix could be a coin that makes a lot of millionaires...every coin depends on bitcoin to gain it Value and place in the Crypto ecosystem...so pundiX will see it great rise when mass adoption of bitcoin is in place....
  2. Bitcoin has Already been compared to the forex market. And is set to grow higher than forex when the whole Crypto ecosystem begins to rise...it will add value also to bitcoin as bitcoin is the pioneer of Crypto coins.... Forex is going to merge with bitcoin once it enters wall Street full scale. Once the regulations are in place, the large hedge fund investors want to get in on bitcoin also they are only waiting for the greenlight to start investing the trillions into Bitcoin...after bitcoin enters the forex market which is a trillion dollar a day market....we could see bitcoin and any other fiat currency become the most traded pair across the whole forex market...that will surely send bitcoin pass the moon into deep space....
  3. Yeah, I think they have too much big plans for Bitcoin and too much invested to let it fall...plus Bitcoin has too much potential.....to be left alone. God's ear you mean ..that is very very very high my friend...a journey bitcoin can make? Bitcoin is going to over take the traditional fiat money system...that is very high.. over hundreds of trillions.. bitcoin can even become bigger than forex. This is the bench mark ..after 20k bitcoin will never stop or slow down....100k is my call for end of next year.... bitcoin is here to set the standard.
  4. The risk I find is minimal after considering the downside..being the Crypto is new and just on the scene and has alot Potential ...we have to see the best of crypto.
  5. Fees are different across platforms Yeah I guess they price like that to keep business....most exchange have a different priced coins too.
  6. I think the fees are high in relation to Yobit having a higher price listing for each coin. Far higher than other exchange markets.... however though that is almost standard bitcoin withdrawal fee across the other markets.
  7. Enjoyed reading your analysis....the rise of the altcoins is a much talked about topic among the analysts... especially etherium which will get it's rise from all the other apps built on top of the etherium code ..other privacy coins like dash is said to be one other coin to really go high...it is interesting to see the market is starting to show organsied correlation. Very good sign of uniform progress. Yes....for sure.there are altcoins trading from less than a dallor that willslip by and balloon into a $20000 or $40000 dallor coin ...there are still these types of investment with the crypto currency ecosystem.
  8. For real in-depth research is always the best thing to do, before going forward with any money dealings because of the profit and lost nature of the coin.
  9. I was scammed Soo many times that if I wasn't a firm believer that Bitcoin is the future...I would have given up on bitcoin long time ago....some telegram sites offer free signup for mining and then charge only for withdrawal ..that is where they scammed . After you deposit withdrawal...nothing happened.... I got scammed from some of those sites too....the thing is after a while they jus disappear with everyone coin.
  10. Very good point . China as well as the other big economies are all moving in the direction of the bitcoins...and digital money. Because bitcoin is not going away and it can survive without governments.
  11. Well done...these kinds of scans happens with email too asking you to send money to unlock money makes no sense at all..very good job.
  12. IAM having an echo of thought along that line ...that someone can be trying to see how much moving power they can have over bitcoin..that someone would have to control billions in investments in order to do this...and thier multiple multi billion dallor invesments firms wanting to really get in deep with bitcoin ..this price movement could also Be a form of research and development we are seeing by the big institutional investors who control up to trillions in invesments.. these are the bussines that the central banks don't want to lose out on. Lol...cool... I will check out that site too ...seems as though the lastest blackbuster has finally hit the movies... Yeah and you know when that happened ripple made a sudden spike...don't know if some was main a big trade ..buying ripped and selling off bitcoin...however this move is really surprising...going to check the new tabliods for the lastest on this.
  13. I agree with you that this could really be that breakthrough that signals the start of of the great bull run..it is strange to see bitcoin behave like this.such a high move in such a short time frame........this is sign of a changing tide I think for real..... Let's see how the next six hours will go... Monday might send the price even higher faster... especially if everyone signals this to be the real start of the great bull no one will want to miss out...Last Bitcoin. Some people lost thier mortgage on thier housesdue to taking out loans to buy bitcoins ..that's what signaled the banks....with a flag....now those people will want to get back in now also...this could really be a great start...a
  14. I think The price range movement is a very strong bull signal seeing the number of bars that it has over taken on it way up in such a short move time frame....the price seem to have zoom pass previous support and resistance levels....this could be a sign for plenty bulls to jump into the market this will mean that the market will continue a bit higher with some momentum, or the price can level off as the bulls look to see if the market has really changed direction.....it seems Bitcoin found consalidation around $7000 and is now ready for price correction.... Also could mean that the buyers are now coming back to buy up thier Lost bitcoins as they begin to get good feedback from the Central banks who are signaling the need to get in line with the crytpo currency ecosystem if they want to stay afloat.... announcements like these tell the people that they were right in the first place...this relaization can create a panic buying frenzy and competition between the common person and the institutional investors...._ if this is the case then the bull run back to $20000 and to the moon. Have began.
  15. I agree with you. The best strategy to aproa h this issue I think, is to search to see which altcoins holes the most potential in terms of real world application...those coins that offer to make our humanity's progress smoother have the biggest Potential...in this wise I believe there are lots of altcions waitin to go to the moon right inline with bitcoin, but the are waiting for the wave of mass adoption to rise the crypto tide.
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