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  1. Fast Transactin seconds. Get confirmed in minutes. Reliable A network that runs without congestion. Low Fees Send money globally for pennies. Simple Easy to use. No hassles. Stable A payment system that's a proven store of value. Secure World's most robust blockchain technology Bitcoin cash is a rather unique crytpo coin being that it you can send really small amounts of coin with it very fast too along with large amounts at very low fees...
  2. btc is below average on it's estimated mass adoption projection. according to the 2019 global NGO technology report. evaluation and exploring the uses of general technology world wide for payments and communication are some of the services offered by the Global NGO technology report. the report states that conventional payment methods are significantly higher such as mobile money and credit/debit card payments as compared to Bitcoin. so far according to the report Africa has seen the highest level of crypto transactions at only 5% with Latin American and Asia processing about 1-3% of transactions through crypto currency. understandably Africa which is an emerging nation is seeing the highest level of payments across all the payments platform with a 14% rise in credit card payments and about 28% accepting mobile money.and 5% accepting crypto currency. the expected Bitcoin payment around the world is just around 2% far lower than what was expected. 64% of NGOs worldwide according to the report accept online donations by website. While 79% accept by credit card , 50% use direct debit, while 46% pay with PayPal, 10% accepts payments fron digital wallets while 2% of transactions go to Bitcoin. This report shows that Bitcoin is only at the tip of the iceberg...with mass adoption not yet inplay Bitcoin is only just coming on the scene and is not matured enough yet to go toe to toe against giants like PayPal, Master card and Visa who have been around for a far longer time. Albeit Bitcoin is in the statistics for a global payment mechanism and as such as proven it can do exactly what it was created to do. Bitcoin is just getting ready to take off.
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