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  1. My daily dream is that I hope that all the currencies I carry will one day pump their prices into the market. My main dream is to make a steady income from trading.
  2. I'm also the kind of person who doesn't want to make things more complicated. I just do the basic way of trading which is buy low and sell high. And so quickly
  3. I think prices don't matter much when it comes to the safety of the investment, you look at the 24-hour trading volume and the amount of money that is pumped into the currency every day Thank you
  4. I advise you brother do not put all the eggs in one basket. I suggest you put your money in a random currency. Analyze more and discover the best currencies Then divide them into different currencies
  5. zaka

    I need an answer

    Yes I think that's true why there are no indicators for analysis on yobit like the rest of the exchanges. Indicators help a lot in trading. Try and it will work. Thank you
  6. True encryption at one of the lowest price now. If you are able to hold it for a few more years patiently, you can easily get big profits
  7. That's right I think the only drawback of bitcoin is the large price fluctuations every day and its price instability. But you can exploit these fluctuations in speculation
  8. There are a lot of exchanges these days and I think it is not necessary for society to have all these exchanges. We must be careful and enthusiastic about choosing the right stock exchange Thank you
  9. I think my longest crypto period is almost a week because last year in 2017 I bought a coin from dox waiting to move up but not move, and I sold it at a loss Then it rose
  10. zaka

    Trading Advice

    True, trading is very risky. You should study and read a lot before trying. It is best to start with my daily trading. So you learn to control oneself
  11. It is true that the decision of a company not to support it will not prevent the balance from continuing its project. The scale is supported by Visa and Mastercard as both are larger than Apple
  12. أعتقد أن الإخوة على صواب ، هذا يعتمد عليك. إذا كنت قادرًا على الاستثمار الآن ويمكنك أن تخسره إذا انخفض السعر ، يمكنك الاستمرار. شكرا
  13. My favorite coin waves but waves just down and why I don't understand. I grabbed 2,000 waves in the waves portfolio. I think the waves will be lower next year Thank you
  14. On the contrary, I think this is not impossible. To make $ 50,000 from $ 5 is true. It's not easy and you have to be very lucky. But if you make an effort, it will succeed
  15. I also at the time I knew about the Internet and about the online business, I joined the online business in 2014 Even after I learned it, I never imagined that encryption could thrive to this extent
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