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  1. By joining cryptocurrencies, I can get many benefits. I can get a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. I am a cryptocurrency player who joins cryptocurrencies without capital. I like to join cryptocurrencies because I can work and make a profit without spending financial capital at all. I managed to track many promotional campaigns to get the expected benefits. It was very difficult to work in a campaign for a reward for cryptocurrency, because the more my efforts, the higher my profit.
  2. If you trade, you know that trading is profitable and can generate you or bring you even more than you expect, but must be accompanied by knowledge so that you can determine the best strategy with your skill that you have.
  3. I am currently using a wallet in my Android. The name is Chinomi. That is, a good wallet has good security and supports many cryptocurrencies. You can save both bitcoin, lightcoin and altcoin, and the token there. I use Coinomi wallet on my phone because it is easy to use and we can change the commission so that the transaction is cheaper
  4. Generally speaking, many people did not like Anniversary. But now there have been many changes, especially since there was a campaign on this forum. Yobit provides a very large crypto image and development. Many new people joined the crypto world because of Yobit, so I think Yobit is a great tool for the crypto community, as well as for the development of cryptography.
  5. I think KYC cannot be sent to an unfamiliar address. no one guarantees the safety of your data. In case of hacking, your data will be in the hands of scammers who will give you a loan
  6. In this digital society, I think this can happen. Because the country is becoming more digital every day. So, we can make a payment from our mobile phone. Hope it's not that far.
  7. I think cryptocurrency should be taught at school. Then they will know more about it. They can make money on it. I think cryptocurrency will be taught at school in the future
  8. I think one of the reasons why we should never download a wallet from our official website is that most of these office websites are hackers that modify and download them to control people. Money can gain access to transactions and quality, and therefore I believe that unofficial data should not be installed on our mobile phones
  9. I think that crypto in everyday life is very effective these days because of its growing popularity, as well as very little chance to steal cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is mainly used for both investment and trading.
  10. I met with digital currencies about a year ago, when I was looking for a good source of income and work from home, and I liked the idea, and I started with it, and I'm currently developing to get more, that's good.
  11. China will prepare for the launch of its cryptocurrency, the solution of which has become possible. The official did not mention the specific launch date for the new currency, which represents a revolution in Chinese policy regarding digital currencies, so I am waiting for this event and will participate in powerful new projects.
  12. There are many ways by which you can convert cryptocurrency into real money, for example, through an exchange platform or other things, but it mainly depends on your country, if your country does not allow this, then you should find some safe way, which through you is not to encounter any problems, I hope you understand my point of view.
  13. Sometimes it happens that people enter the wrong address and do not pay attention to it, and then find their mistake too late. If it concerns us, we would also like for someone to return to us. I save the money earned by trading them and you intend to have patience for this.
  14. Both are good, but I personally choose cryptocurrency more than gold, investing in gold has been a traditional system, but now I invest in cryptocurrencies, which is in trend.
  15. Amsterdam has made progress in the development of cryptocurrency. The city is also home to the Bitcoin embassy. The Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam is the place where the currency community is actively using its code to promote the BTC currency.
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