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  1. Yes i also joined cryptotalk with under 10k members i think and as of now we have almost 14k and i also feel happy about it because we are growing and the forum gets better and better and i hope we will still continue to grow and i will loved to see this forum in the list of most used forum in the internet.
  2. Dada

    The reason why you lose

    Yes that is why checking and analyzing before entering or investing in a coin or doing a trade is a must because once you do it, it can help you avoid mistakes that can cause you big money and you should not take it hard when you fail or lose, t is a part of trading experience and this failures you experienced will help you to further your skills and knowledge in trading.
  3. Yes, my friend who invited me to join crypto gave me some advices to do so that i will not be having such big losses in trading and it is to invest in learning and doing analysis, this is what will help us in avoiding losses and with learnings you can mostly win at every trade you made.
  4. Yes you can wait for that moment, mostly bitcoins price dramatically decrease after it reaches a high price and it will most likely be in January i think so you can wait for that moment to but some bitcoin and then hold for future profits.
  5. I have known cryptotalk also in the month of october, october 21, my friend introduced me cryptotalk and invite me to join and as of now i am having fun in this forum not only because of the payment but also because of the knowledges that i obtain here.
  6. If i have bought even just a few bitcoin in 2010 i would be rich and have multiple business and i will not always experience financial problems, but you can't ring back time, what you can do is to make up for your mistakes and do what you should do before.
  7. Yes people who only post non sense will have that big number of deleted post but sometimes they delete post and i do not know exactly why, even though i post a good post, my friend do have 100+ deleted post and i think it comes form topics that has been deleted by the mods and admins, so i realized that i should always check the topic if it is worth replying because they might delete it later on.
  8. Yes i think they secretly invest specially if one of the owners or people who manage the institutions knows about cryptocurrency they will really invest in it because of the profit they can have when its price goes high and it can really help them to better their institutions.
  9. Yes agree, no matter how good you are and how intelligent is your moves if your emotions comes in you will definitely have a big problem, that is one of the most hardest thing to resist and it requires you a lot of practices to control and maintain emotions even in tight situations.
  10. Yes you really need to cover up or fill up the gap before you get paid for every post you make, for me i mostly look at my activity and count how many of my post is there, when you click the activity every page is composed of 25 post so if you do have 2 lines then you have a total of 50 post but if your content count is way above 50 then you have many deleted post.
  11. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very well accepted here in my country because a lot of establishments acpets crypto as a alternative payment for their services and we have an wallet app that lets us buy loads, game credits and even allows us to pay bills using bitcoin.
  12. Yes mate exactly they prefer to make new accounts that will only require you to post 100 to get paid than having to post 200 and above in your old account before you can get paid and the post or replies will most likely be a non sense because they are not paid until they reached their quotas. but for me i will not choose it because the admins might give higher rewards to the higher ranks.
  13. Ethereum is a good coin in my opinion and i am holding my ethereums in my wallet and waiting patiently for a bull run to happen, patience is a must have here in crypto because you might now know maybe your coins that you hold will get a rapid increase in the near future and i think eth is one of those coins.
  14. In anything you do you must have some purpose why you are doing it, no one does a thing without a purpose even if you do not like what you're doing you will always have reasons why you are doing it and to just answer your questions you will most likely fail because you will not do trading the way you should do it, you will just lose money because you are doing something that you don't like
  15. I think he is talking about the new thing here in cryptotalk, the gap between your total paid post and your content count, you should first fill the gap by posting how many is their difference, for example you have posted a 100 post and then you have 30 post deleted so you only have 70 paid post in total, you must first make a 30 post before you can get paid again and by this thing many people that have many post and also have many deleted post makes new accounts so that they will decrease the post they have to make because they have like 200 and up deleted post. that's what i understand in his post.
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