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  1. If it would be a easy thing everyone would have one and just sit around and make money doing nothing.
  2. hold needed time especially for long term hold and it won't instantly get profit but there is no easy
  3. cardano can process huge number of transactions in just a short time, but it is not perfect, the applications of ADA is still based on theory too much, not thing can make sure it will success in the future,
  4. almost all of us here want to earn good on trading, but the problems is there is no precise methods for this for us to achieve it
  5. patience in determining the project to be invested in order to get a large reward, if both of these have been thought of from the beginning it might close the possibility of reducing the risk.
  6. And yes I'm unhappy with this fall of bitcoin but I was having my BTC when price was 3000 so I'm not worried too much, for me current BTC bottom is 7000
  7. this situation it can be interesting to hold, but if they're wrong you will lose money. Personally I think it's better to trade, you can adapt your investment day by day
  8. price doge now is very good and i think it maybe rise after short time as i read some analysis this my opinion and the choice for you
  9. I feel that you just purchased bad alts, in light of the fact that a large portion of them are at any rate at - 3% or - 5% most extreme, the main ones who are - 20% are the individuals who are super 85* of coinmarket top.
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