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  1. Yes buddy i agree with you that is good information for all and i suggest all new members that make new post according to the crypto talk policy. Hello buddy i agree with you that more comments come on your post.
  2. Hello buddy in the crypto world mo one one predict accurate about bitcoins price. It more liquid and this thing attract the new investor and they earn profit due to price changes and market always warm.
  3. Hello buddy investment in crypto currency is secure its depend on if you make invest in strong coina then your investment secure if you invest in new coins then you are fully risk.
  4. Yes buddy crypto is banned in Asia but in my opinion it is banned due to decentralized based design. In my opinion if crypto is centralized based design then it is easily accepted in Asia region. No doubt that your opinion is value-able.
  5. Hello buddy in my opinion China and Turkey now thinking about launch own crypto currency and work behind the scene. Hello buddy these are developed countries and work and understand crypto future need.
  6. Yes buddy i create an account on telegram for earning free 700 coins from yobit exchange. But after joining telegram i received a lot invitation message in which evey one invite me for joining investment pool. But i feel this that that is scam.
  7. Hello buddy but in my views it is fluctuate due to bitcoins whale move. If they move for bitcouns then price ups and if the move another currency then price price goes down. Hello buddy i know that bitcoins is ups and down due to user movement.
  8. Hello buddy you can see that in Bangladesh, crypto currency is banned due to Bangladesh is under developed countries only well developed country promote it I don't know why our country is not accepted crypto currency.
  9. Hello buddy my main goal for joining crypto talk forum to learn about crypto trading. Then my second goal earn free bitcoins. Thanks crypto talk forum that it full fill my both wish.
  10. Yes buddy crpyto experts worj here and earn like as joy. But new member whole day that what here post. I passed full day here in searching new post and make comment.
  11. Hello buddy....i know so for as crypto talk forum is investment free forum. Here i telll you that you work here and earn good. You must be completed your per day work and earn 30000 stasohi.
  12. Hello buddy we know that English is international language and it considered second language ib the world. In my opinion English is best. And crypto talk marketing is 100% satisfactory. Good opportunity Good performance.
  13. Hello buddy i cannot understand your message that what you ask. If you ask about crypto talk errors or post delete. Then i tell you that it is network issue some time i open next unread post then i found an error.
  14. Hello buddy i read that full bitcoins mined in the year 2140. But here you post that full bitcoins mined with in 5 to 6. Year. Iagree with you that daily basis 1800 BTC mined. The demand of bitcoin increase if it full mined within few years.
  15. Hello buddy currently i think i hold and collect the crypto coins. Because i read crypto price prediction article and i wait price 20000$. I wait this time for taking withdraw. Currently it is not best time for me.
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