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  1. I use Dogecoin often and i like it. Is fast and with very low fees. But i dont think that is the coin that i would invest a big amount for long time invest.
  2. I prefer non custodian wallets . I want to have my private keys me. The wallets i like to use is , a web wallet MAGNUM and also a desktop wallet, Atomic Wallet. And Metamask for ETHEREUM tokens.
  3. VangoCash

    Metamask wallet

    I started to use Metamask after i lost my ETHER from a phising site. The best solution for ETHEREUM wallets. The only problem is thet there is not any update for Opera browser. Only for Chrome.
  4. SINMFM Yobit continious the good offers. I hope this coin to give some profit in the near future. I m very curious. I wish the best to Yobit platform.
  5. The price of the coin doesn't going very well. Is listed only to an unknown exchange with no volume . Is better to wait to see before waste my time for nothing.
  6. If i knew the price of Bitcoin the next months i would be rich. Everything is possible .It depends and from the news. But for the next years i believe Bitcoin will be more stable.
  7. I believe that Bitcoin and crypto coins have a great future. I see the market to grow up more stable. The market doesn't die every time that has a big fall.
  8. For me Doge is very stable the last year and will remain. I don't wait big increases in the price. I would very happy if i could sell for 50 or 40 sat. If Doge goes to 100sat then BTC will go 50.000$
  9. Noway. Very bad idea. Low volume is the worst for a coin. If i see one of my coins to has lower volume or delisted from one exchange i sell it for sure,
  10. I like and the two coins They have good developers and big comunity. But if i had to choose i would prefer ETH for sure. They are two coins with different purpose so i hold both of them. 80% ETH 20% TRX
  11. I have many worthless tokens to MEW from bounties and airdrops. I dont think that ganna have any value in the future. Are all dead. But i keep some small amounts from altcoins with a good purpose.
  12. I think that everyone who trades has his good and his bad moments. In trading you can't win always. The point is to keep "playing". In long term if you are good the winning trades will be more than the loosing trades.
  13. I like to mine ETH becuse i have a good card and is the most profitable coin at this time and also the most promising coin for the future. A good target for selling my ETHER would be 1000$ .
  14. I like Dogetoo and i use it often ,but i don/t think that you can have good profits with this coin. The target for 100 satoshi i think is too big. I would very happy if reach 50 sat.
  15. Waves is one of the coins that i want to have in my portfolio. I believe the price is too low and if the market goes up waves can go easily to 2 $. Leasing is a very good option too.
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