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  1. of course it's very risky. if the asset that you invest is profitable it will become extraordinary, but if there is a loss your money will be lost all. You should divide your money into several assets to reduce such large losses. share your money on a number of assets, it will be safer for you.
  2. Yes, of course altccoin price depends on btc. When the market is ongoing up, then the btc price will up.similarly eth.price will also grow up. Due to mostly altccoin related with btc.then altccoin, eth.grow up effected by btc.
  3. An awful lot of people who say that an awful lot of Airdrop is a fraud. And from my experience follows the Airdrop, the majority are indeed a fraud and still have a very good result. Token Airdrop when already logged in in Exchange for a very low price. And we have to wait for a long time, until the token price rises.
  4. I don't think that one has to replace the other, both can live in harmony, in the end, there are few alts that want to do what Bitcoin does, and to replace it will have to earn the public's trust first, of course, you have good competitors like dash or ripple, but they are still projects in development, that does not mean that bitcoin is going to be eternal, sooner or later someone will take his place.
  5. Evaluate the price in dollars and Satoshi. Enter the market in which you are most comfortable. The price increase is very close. Invest in popular coins or tokens. Without popular coins, you will not need time to deal with losses.
  6. I am more interested in coins that are already in coinmarketcap and have good reputations such as eth, ltc, neo and bnb. I don't dare speculate to buy a new type of coin because it's risky. but it's your choice whether to be in a position like me or take a risk.
  7. Airdrop is not as it used to be back then, there are now lots of people in the crypto world doing it, I will advise if you can try to fill it, take a good look at bomb airdrop, no one expected that it will be huge as it is now. If you got free time fill it, perhaps once in two to three days
  8. If you are not a suspicious person you can go ahead and use myetherwallet. It’s a simple but useful wallet that you can use for %95 of alt coins. Just becareful and don’t login your info in phishing websites.
  9. Impossible question to answer.Depends entirely on your hardware, and it can change daily based on difficulty and market price.As others have said, look up your hardware online and compare hashrates with different coins.
  10. We all know that bitcoin are not fully completed there are many things in the system that needs to develop. Bitcoin was in the infancy stage or in the process of development that's why people are afraid to trust in bitcoin. Bitcoin can also use as instrument doing an illegal activities like money laundering, scam and etc.
  11. In terms of safety both are on par with each other since stock market is backed by the government while bitcoin is decentralized with no one controlling it so the price is always determined by supple and demand. In terms of profitability, I would go with bitcoin since one can get a return on their investment fast on bitcoin and multiply money faster. Stock market on the other hand takes a long time for one to get profit.
  12. Bitcoin is always appreciated, but its value is not as strong as that of altcoins. it just keeps you safe and you won't make much money from trading bitcoin.I think you should choose ETH because it always has a certain fluctuation. At least, its value is easier to increase than BTC.
  13. You should buy bitcoin before the bad news about bitcoin. Then you use your bitcoin to invest in your favorite altcoin. When investing in altcoin you should learn thoroughly about coin that, its upcoming events can help coin increase value.
  14. Not quite agree with you sometimes a long hold of tokens can bring a good profit. There are quite a few such examples on the market. Of course, you can earn on short-term investments, but it is more risky for your investments.
  15. Day trading is anything but safe, and holding is by far the safest strategy, it is true the crash at the beginning of the year made a lot of people to lose money but that was not the fault of bitcoin, people invested at the worst possible time when they had the opportunity to buy bitcoin for a very cheap price for years and people decided not to take it by following the same through pattern that you are following.
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