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  1. It is very important for many investors to know that the price of a project tokens after exchange listing is dictated by the forces of demand and supply, and it is beyond the control of the team. Except during the peak of the bull run where all altcoins are increasing irrespective of whether they are good or not.
  2. First you should try both types of trade to determine which one suits you best and which one you understand best, personally I see much more complex to cryptocurrencies but on the other hand, its value is increasing uncontrollably in recent months and its value seems to increase much more so if you can take advantage of this rise then do it and generate the profits you seek but you must be very smart to invest in a favorable way.
  3. With many beginners trading will know trading knowledge, remember to trade do not rely on emotions and give up we must be patient and not in a hurry, if you want to focus on trading looking for information about altcoin and coins being discussed is very important because there is useful information for us.
  4. I guess once ETF which been on SEC table is been considered and Approved, I think the first coins to moon is going to smart contract based blockchain coins, they will moon because a lot of people will launch to buy them up and a lot of people will continue with their app building on these blockchains
  5. I would suggest Binance as it has user friendly interface and favorable trading fees.On Binance platform you will find a broad selection of coins and what is very important high liquidity.It is a secure exchange and they refund their customers if hacked.
  6. But too much patience do really have that corresponding disadvantages like securing profits when the coins already reach up its peak.Do just pump out a couple of times before they die.If you do just wait up for those chances then you would eventually mess it up.Not all coins are similar to bitcoin or other top alts that do reaches or do have that potential on reaching out new roofs on their prices.Some
  7. Positively ethereum can do of what have bitcoin did. But when i comes to growth rate, it could be impossible that Ethereum can be equal to bitcoin. Taking a look from the growth rate chart, they are totally far from each other. Although they are far from each other but then, both of them are doing great and the community trust this coins for a long term investment.
  8. I have Vote for USDT. for some reason I am happy with USDT compared to other stable coins. Actually I don't have many assets in USDT, mostly in altcoin. Maybe some of the other stable coins are not much different in price. But USDT is mostly used by the crypto community.Stable in terms of what? If we're talking about its price stability, well then, dude, there's no such thing as a stable coin. Most coins either go into a high or dive down below. The flow of coins in the market changes every time so it will be difficult for a certain that there's a coin with stable price. But if we're talking about is a stable development, then I'd say, XMR or ETH. NEO is good, too.
  9. We can't say that it is the mother, maybe Blockchain technology is the mother since it is the reason why there are a lot of crypto currencies nowadays. Bitcoin is the most popular since it is the crypto itself, without its technology, it will be included in many other failed digital currencies made in the past. Another thing is that it did not survive, it dominated the market.
  10. The difference is very significant and of course as you guessed it, the coin has its own blockchain which can vary greatly in its beliefs, but as for the token, it is based on a common platform and has limitations in the changes.
  11. I think this is a high risk, high reward type of investment where you will either put your money where you had research on or just your got feeling that the coin would get much attention from the public or from the market. A coin to consider with low volume is Azart tokens. This tokens is really a worth of your investments since gambling industry has a high market not just in the real world but also here in the crypto community. Either buy them now low or regret when it gets high.
  12. I hope you don't believe in people's personal thoughts and investments. If you are going to invest in a sub-currency, you should do it according to your own research and desire. the only thing that is certain in this market; is the fact that no one knows anything.
  13. I agree to eth, and BNB. however, I feel that other coins that are suitable for that are XLM, and XRP. well, these four coins, lately attracted me. maybe because of the price movement that is quite potent. in the future, I think this coin can also be a very useful coin, and of course profitable. for more, you need to do more research in these coins.
  14. I believe the majority of the people heard about crypto, about bitcoin but the problem is they really don't understand it clearly and what is the purpose of this. In general, the majority hears but only a few beliefs about it. This is not really working great, crypto needs more supports from the community to have a good market ends but it makes difficult if we all not trusting by then.
  15. I don't think that if they want to get their certificate in school they will play, otherwise without diplomas and certificates they won't have permanent employment and crypto won't be able to feed all forever. So they will have to stay and learn normal subjects too.
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