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  1. Yes, its possible but those gaps wont really last long for sure yet these kind of opportunities when theres such price gaps between exchange would really be the best time to make some arbitrage but since you do talk about Coinbase i dont think it would really be that easy but as long you can able to benefit on those price gaps then it would be worth to try on.
  2. I keep my coin almost 90% on my wallet, the rest in my online account. I just used my exchange accounts if I need to make withdrawal to fiat money. Because anything can happen if you trust an exchanger..
  3. Tether claims that most of their tokens are backed up with real assets (either US Dollar or other assets that are denominated in USD). Since most of these assets are stored in the form of fiat currency (that too in physical form) I don't understand how can some hacker exploit the situation. And in case some hacker steals the tokens, then they can just reverse the transaction just like what ETH did after the DAO robbery.
  4. This is not actually a good idea. If you invest in just one altcoin and down down trend strikes again, all prices falls down what will gonna happened to your only investment? But if you divide your money in different promising coins, there are still 50% chances that you will gain your profit for the recovery period because all of those coins will recover more profit loss than only one altcoin.
  5. You are correct most of them are scam. The Airdrop project owners are thieves who are only interested in the donation. Most of them just produce some tokens that will never be listed on any exchange. Some also they will just list it, pump it and dump it and it will never rise again.
  6. If you want good profit first you need choose right coin. My suggestion is you can buy ETH, because ETH is very good coin and ETH price also low. After finish this year you can take very good return. Bitcoin price will very effective of all altcoin price. So bitcoin price need to raise up.
  7. The trend of earning profits by airdropping has gone for good that era of bitcoin attaining ATH in 2017 prompted many profitable airdrops then but the trend has changed now, personally I am convinced that airdropping in the name of promoting a shit token does not worth it at the end those tokens will crowd your ERC wallet and overall worthless I believed its high time bounty or airdrop hunters engages or learn a digital skill that can serve as an alternative source of income rather than all these time wasting events.
  8. Stock market is a lot different in Bitcoin. First of all your investment in Bitcoin is just Bitcoin. You do not have the option to difersify it. Unlike stocks, you have a lot of companies as options to what stock you will buy and invest your money on. However, the advantage of this kind of setting is that Bitcoin can be easily managed as you only lool at one price. In stocks, you will monitor your stock portfolio and should determine what stock buy or sell at the moment.
  9. It what you know, and what you believe in. You can just ask someone to go start doing what he or she don't know much about it can turn out worse, it is a matter of choice where you have to do what you feel it's good for you, you can just condemn those holding their coins.
  10. The future of ETH is as bright as the sun, I mean if you'd look closely on the success of what Ethereum was having then you'll realize that it is going onto the right way, however I can't say that ETH will be no. 1 soon enough, probably a high-end cryptocurrency but it won't surpass Bitcoin, not yet sure if it'll happen though but it is indeed a possibility.
  11. How? This would give GPU users an edge .. and CPU users would "loose" since equilibrium on market would be one closer to GPU users ... do you have a link for miner code to use GPU for CPU minable coins?
  12. we don't really know what's going to happen but whenever I hear that there will be another bitcoin halving next year I really think that it would bring a good impact to the market just like what happened last bitcoin having in the year 2016 and it gradually made bitcoin go further from its previous stage and the bull run took place during 2017.
  13. it has been shown that bitcoin values are higher in comparison with ETH. So the king is bitcoin for now. and for ETH in 2020 I have not been able to properly predict. which is important I can use and make good use of both coins. and if true your expectations in 2020 ETH will be glorious, I am also happy to welcome ETH in 2020.
  14. It seems to me that situations are different. I participate in Bounty companies and if possible, I sell coins at the best price. But I sell everything for ethereum, which is stored in my wallet. Thus, all my assets are in ethereum, since I trust him the most.
  15. If the ICO and the token has no update but pure depending on the market value and its demand i may say YES, it will reflect much on the BTC VALUE.THough even at bear market season if the development is good then there will difference on the value as the value of BTC going down it can still go up, though the dollar value will be unfriendly.
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