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  1. Mobile app, extension are form of software wallet. These are not different category. Topic creator have already shared the 4 types of wallet which is correct.
  2. I have been silently observing some of the users in this forum. it's good that some of the users are creating good contents but most of the users are making fake conversations, very low value posts, Most importantly they are having pages after pages of conversations where technically after 10 to 12 posts you will not find any more valuable conversations to read. it is usual that a lot of posts will be deleted and the fact is indeed there are a lot of posts those got deleted from some of the users but some other users have not much post which were deleted even some of them has made over 2k posts. If I bring you some number then may be it will make sense. Here the displayed post counts and real posts counts of top 8 members with deleted post ration. cryptokram Displayed- 3798 Actual- 118*25+15= 2965 Deleted- 833 | ration 21.93% Archive link- http://archive.is/Sfjdr xBDT Script Displayed- 3482 Actual- 120*25+2= 3002 Deleted- 480 | ration 13.79% Archive Link- https://archive.is/xdPIQ Dimarrik Displayed- 2954 Actual- 114*25+11= 2861 Deleted- 93 | ration 3.15% Archive- https://archive.is/W77Js Кукуруза Displayed- 2685 Actual- 104*25+18= 2618 Deleted- 67 | ration 2.50% Archive- https://archive.is/fT1VW Pyatka Displayed-2639 Actual- 104*25+3= 2603 Deleted- 36 | ration 1.36% Archived-https://archive.is/EbYgf Gorigor Displayed-2551 Actual- 98*25+12= 2462 Deleted- 89 | ration 3.49 Archived- https://archive.is/08wvv hexwin Displayed- 2282 Actual- 79*25+1= 1976 Deleted- 306 | ration 13.40 Archive Link- https://archive.is/hpFhI okela Displayed- 2221 Actual- 85*25+8= 2133 Deleted- 88 | ration 3.96 Archived- https://archive.is/Ekr3S Do you see any unusual stats here?
  3. That's a very fair offer I would say. The forum needs to have a good balance of getting new users and contents.
  4. First post from hello word (I see the typo in my username LOL, I wanted to have the username helloworld)! Looks good however there are questions which needed to be cleared.
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