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  1. Тоже было такое, благо альтернатив стало сейчас ощутимо больше... Мне вот только интересно, это стало тогда, когда сбер объявил себя некой экосистемой )
  2. Бедолаг чиновников уже очень скоро не будет как таковых, поэтому понятно, почему им не спится спокойно, мир полностью оцифруется. Это касается не только веяния криптовалют.
  3. Психология трейдинга очень важна, как для новичков, так и для профессионалов на финансовых рынках. Моральная нагрузка, степень риска и вытекающий отсюда ежедневный стресс могут негативно сказываться, как на здоровье трейдера, так и на его результативность.
  4. The ideas of quick enrichment are very attractive, and beginners often rush into trading from scratch without having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills. As a result, they quickly burn out, or even fall into the clutches of crooks. But many troubles can be avoided if you do not spare the energy and time for a quality study of the topic.
  5. As in life on a cryptocurrency exchange, a crowd is moving. In the long run, against the backdrop of thinking independent people, the crowd always loses. Therefore, you need to buy even before the start of growth, with a short or long-term fall, otherwise you can fall into the trap of manipulators. And assets should be sold, respectively, with growth, when the price reaches the second half of the expected peak.
  6. Do not try to actively play on the price rebounds. As a rule, this ends with lost profits after an unsuccessful sale or losses if an unsuccessful moment is chosen for re-purchase.
  7. Beginners are advised to choose options where the pair will be fiduciary money or stablecoin - a cryptocurrency supported by precious metals or fiat funds. They have a more stable course, more logical analytics - what novice traders need. Examples of such pairs BTC/USDT, BTC/USD, BTC/ETH.
  8. The market is highly volatile, therefore, scenarios that guarantee a stable income without risks are impossible on it. One of the main problems of the industry is its regulation. Everything here is very complicated and damp.
  9. We will repeatedly see sharp price rises, and then corrections, but this is an inevitable result of market expansion. The simplest advice that is the hardest to keep is not to sell the asset at a loss when you hear disturbing news.
  10. This is a great opportunity for many. In addition, with the help of blockchain technology, any consumer can even independently verify the quality of the purchased goods by monitoring the entire production and supply chain to make sure that the purchase really meets the specified standards.
  11. Firstly, you can use mining. Secondly, you can perform easy tasks on the Internet, for example, enter captcha, like, watch videos, etc. Thirdly, participate in affiliate programs. Another way is some online games.
  12. At the very beginning it was the same with me. I could not even sleep normally and reached a high level of stress. And only with time, when my tangible losses suddenly turned into a profit, because I was patient and expected growth, then I became more calm. I think that everyone goes through stress, panic, fear, and these are the main teachers of the trader.
  13. Yes, many people cannot cope with mental pressure due to price spikes. People are prone to stability when "everything goes according to plan." And if “something went wrong,” they will already panic. Probably, on the first day when a person buys crypto coins, he constantly spends time on charts and panics at the slightest price reduction.
  14. I fully support your thought. We are so arranged that we believe the rules only if they have an instant positive result. And throw tactics right away when it starts to minus. And even with a sophisticated system, you will always be in some kind of compromise state of choice.
  15. When trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market, various currency pairs can behave completely differently, including depending on the trading strategy. It is always necessary to remember risks, the market, whatever it is, is not predictable. The pair for trading BTC / USD is the most liquid.
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