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  1. In its short life, Bitcoin has already managed to transfer many crucial moments and was able to survive, and given the incredibly fast-growing ecosystem, I can even say that it’s not just to survive, but to gain strength. And if he can survive the “friendly” courtship of regulators, his strength will only grow.
  2. Estimating the value of cryptocurrency is not easy at all. In fact, there is no specific method, based on which it would be possible to say with accuracy what the value of the cryptocurrency should be. Speculators, traders and investors come from its expected future utility in the ecosystem. And it seems to me that Ethereum will still show what it really stands for.
  3. Yes, I remember this incident. Binance will always maintain its reputation. In this they have no equal. Nevertheless, there is no absolute guarantee that the next time compensation will follow. I am not a skeptic, I will only be glad if our assets are insured as much as possible.
  4. Remember that only 5% become successful traders and reach the last level, but the reason is not in abilities, but in staying strong and being able to change your paradigms and views with the advent of new information. Those who want to get rich quick and are not able to change their “I know better” are losing.
  5. One of the key criteria for choosing an exchange should be the level of security that it is ready to provide. Those who care about anonymity should be aware that while cryptocurrency exchanges do not yet have laws on exchange trading, they are subject to the laws of the countries in which they are located. This means that in order to withdraw money, and in some cases to start trading, the user must disclose his personal data.
  6. It should be noted that the government of many countries has taken a waiting position in this regard and is in no hurry to pass laws that strictly regulate this sphere. Their regulation of cryptocurrencies is still at the level of recommendations and warnings.
  7. Bitcoin, by far, is the most liquid crypto asset, which means it is more difficult to influence its price than the price of altcoins, therefore, the volatility is much lower compared to similar indicators of alternative tokens.
  8. These are actually helpful tips. The trading system provides only 10% success, since emotions and feelings can turn a profitable strategy into a losing one. Fear and greed do not allow the exchange player to work clearly within the system, and self-confidence and excitement only exacerbate the situation.
  9. The Blockfolio application is convenient for me because here you can add the currency pairs of interest and monitor the cryptocurrency rate only for them for the desired time period.
  10. Cryptocurrencies are a very volatile asset. Very often, the course goes against the technical analysis. Margin trading increases risk in such a market. For beginners, I would recommend trying margin trading with a slight gain in position. You should not work with big leverage if the trader has no experience. 1: 2 will be enough.
  11. As I hear now from many, for those who do not want to buy noisy equipment home, cloud mining is the optimal, easy and profitable mining method. This method has a lower entry threshold and allows you to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without much effort. Perhaps in the future, we will see a discovery that will simplify the work of miners even more.
  12. Freedom makes me feel like a trader. Profit makes me feel like a smart trader. But so far, nothing that I know and can do with the market makes me feel like a cool trader.
  13. Bitcoin-fiat pairs such as BTC / USD are well suited for margin trading with a long position and moderate leverage - that is, for trading designed to expect a good price. Before you start, you need to test, work out all the nuances, at the same time check yourself.
  14. In general, financial markets are characterized by manipulation. This happened earlier and will continue in the future. Those with large amounts will look for ways to improve their portfolio. Of course, in the cryptocurrency world, this is much easier.
  15. Many have heard of poker tilt or anger and its consequences. Tilt in trading, if it cannot be controlled well, is probably more destructive, and in most cases, a long psychological and financial recovery is required to get rid of its consequences.
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