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  1. I do not agree if trading is equated with gambling. I think trading requires a price chart analysis, know the update latest information and our passions when selling and buying, that will make our trading get a profit. However if gambling may be more to 'lucky' there is no special analysis when betting, just sit watching a smile when win and regret when lost.
  2. I, honestly can not imagine that person who can predict in such a long time period, a more truthful analysis of the real price of Ether. It's just unreal, well, that the price of bitcoins will be higher, for sure.In the next two years there will be too many events that can change the situation in the market both in plus and minus.
  3. I have investments on both, in stock market I can be more relax, I think my money is safer because it is backed up by big companies even the government. Although it will really take some time before you can see and get your profit. While in Bitcoin, in a matter of weeks or months you will be able to see you profit and yeah it is very profitable.
  4. This is nothing new to me, However, in line with the world, why are banks in Bangladesh not supporting this? PayPal does not have Bangladesh , so there must be something. The people we deal with online are somehow being interrupted and banks are not coming to us. We are selling money to each other but the banks not cooperating. Many are talking about the dollar exchange from us but they are not returning it later, They are somehow hidden from us. There they are doing us great harm. However, their views are different.
  5. At the beginning of sales, the scales are likely to be sold on a very large scale. If you are investing in a project that everyone is now talking about, that Libra has great prospects, but in reality it is hard to say. For this reason I will see how libra will behave on the cryptocurrency exchange, and only then will I make a decision. Big fuss makes me doubt.
  6. kiathaco

    Trading or HOLD

    It's up to how the user responds to the losses they experience, there are still many user who buy because of FOMO, even though the bes buy when dumping, but often the user is afraid to buy while dumping and likes to buy when pump. Because of the fluctuations that we don't know so HODL in my opinion is very difficult for them which is a current loss, if there are no other options to recover your losses then it is better for HODL.
  7. i have very much interests in BTC and ETH because they are the most popular and most powerful cryptos in this market, so i always try to buy them both, however when i try to have a short term profit like trading, i will choose BTC because it is fluctuative than other altcoins, and ETH will be a good choice for long term investment.
  8. Trading will be profitable if we do this all things : use stop loss, understanding the trend, dont be greedy and patient, and avoid FOMO. We should be understanding price of crypto is really high fluctuacion, so we should be have target profit and exit from the market if that target profit reached.
  9. That is a good choice. Sometimes when you hold, you might end up losing some opportunities of selling some of the tokens fast, but when you hold, it pays, because out of them all, you will find those that will reward you greatly.
  10. Even the market is stable, day trading is still a high risk one for a beginner in trading. Unless, he is highly risk taker to work out in day trading. But most of the time, it is preferable to be in long term trading before engaging in day trading. This will give an ample of time for the trader to know more about this market and saving him from unnecessary loss and stress.
  11. Those people who are buying bitcoin's at its peak, I'm pretty sure they'll be in troubled and possible thay they are selling their coins for they are afraid btc will fall into nothing. Though we can't laugh at them, considering that they really don't realize and purely profit are in their mind without knowing of holding and keeping patience.
  12. Many predict that ethereum will be very good going forward. But for the right time it seems like we don't know it yet. I believe ethereum is very amazing in the future. now we see ethereum has been very good development.
  13. And prior to all this, I suggest and advice everyone who is coming to or willing to come in this world of bitcoins. Do go through about what you are going to invest in. you must be knowing before coming here that what you are supposed to do and what is your goal. How will you be making things happens to archive your goal. And for all this, basic knowledge about bitcoins is necessary.
  14. I think the best altcoin to hold on to is Ethereum because of all the altcoins amg ethereum has a high probability and its price is higher because of the higher likelihood its price will rise in the future.
  15. I'm sorry, I don't get it. Why would I have the same ETH hashrate for all dual coin mining options? I played with calculators and concluded that optimal dcri for ETH+DCR is 27 and for ETH+SIA it's 22. The ETH hashrates are different for these two options.
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