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  1. Actually, people have been afraid of this platform because of getting scammed. It's true that many people have been cheated by many online activities so that people have a negative impression. But the time is changing day by day. Normally, people are afraid of transacting Money by this platform. There is a another reason that leads people got afraid that is the new system. Normally, people used to like conventional way so they are afraid of investing Bitcoin.
  2. Yeah, I usually used them only to find some project that I didn't know of before. They tend to be listed there despite the biased rating and scoring that kinda helps a little. Also, regardless the rating, still, if a project is not listed there that'd be even more shady so even just exist there will adds some kind of legitimacy in the eyes of people.
  3. when the IEO was there, I thought ICO was no longer very attractive, except that the project was really promising, and very good. so much difference in ICO, and IEO. I think everyone will know when they see the place of sale. perhaps, ensuring the IEO is bigger than ICO.
  4. for now it is very risky to invest in ICO it would be safer to invest in Altcoin especially on Altcoin like ETH, especially now ETH prices are down so buy now I am sure it will be very profitable in the future. this year is not a good year for ICO.
  5. It happens to them because they don't know about the projects and they even don't know that how to find either the particular project is legit or not. If they learn how to find the legit projects then it will be much more beneficial for them. For that purpose we have this forum and some other platforms where alot of information about these projects is present and the new investors could find out about the background and future of a project.
  6. I don't invest in the ico because I don't have too much money and I think it is better to join with their bounty campaign so we can earn the tokens with free. I invest my money in altcoin and bitcoin because I think this is the best investment that I can do especially if the price can get down too deep like today. and after buy the bitcoin and altcoin, I am sure that the price will bounce up higher so I can sell the coin to make a profit.
  7. ICO projects are differents, there is few ones having good potential and value, and an attractive concept, and have experienced team behind the project, this ones are expected to success. Whether it is viable in the long run or not? Even most of the company offered huge bonus amount by investing in the ICO still, it has the risk due to high volatile of crypto market
  8. I know of some projects that do not need to participate in IEO on large exchanges like Binnance or Huobi but still get a large pump.such as the CIPX project, they have IEO on Bitsdaq and have x3 times the value when sold to investors in IEO round.The most important thing is still the marketing and ideas of the project. If they have good ideas, investors will be willing to buy at higher prices.
  9. a natural thing when the price of coin downs very much after listing, but if the project from the coin has progress, I'm sure the price of coin will increase again because with the progress that occurs in the project, so many people will believe to invest in the project and of course the price of coin will increase very high, but if the project is not have progress, so most likely the project is a scam and I'm sure the price of coin will definitely not go up and you will definitely lose your money.
  10. Thank you for the article, the article is quite adequate in the case and the mistakes that new investors encounter. This can be a lesson for people to learn more about the future cryptocrurrency market. As for those who have experienced my biggest problem is their lust. Before entering this market, controlling greed is a difficult thing in every case. I believe even newbies and experienced people will stumble on their own greed once in a lifetime, and that can cost you quite a lot.
  11. dustyw

    What is an ICO?

    if in my opinion is a coin that can be accessed without using the data network and often closed the reason to reduce the existence of a big problem that can interfere with its performance eg there are people who often make trouble and like to give spicy comments.
  12. Psychologically, in forex market or crypto market is same. But for demo account its different. Using demo account feel free because we dont use our money, its just dummy but when we using real money in real account, our psychology must be different.
  13. for beginners to trade in small amounts it would be better for training capital, provided that trade is carried out consistently and gradually rather than with large capital but suffered losses. with little capital other than being able to learn can also be used to anticipate losses and there is no sense of disappointment.
  14. I think all alts has something special and this month is very bullish season. Spread you btc and buy more alts so you can multiply it. Dont be a day trader. trade at your own risk and hold more!
  15. While Huobi is the top crypto exchange right now I would recommend you to use Binance as a beginner in trading. The trading volume is more in Huobi which makes it at the top but personally I like Binance over it because it has a clean interface and a good security behind it. The team is more determined in what they do and Binance has never given any issues to me or most of the other users. It has most of the top cryptocurrencies and also has a wide collection of markets from which we can buy and sell crypto. They also have their own Binance coin which is successfully trading and is in the top 20 coins in the coinmarketcap list.
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