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  1. There is a lack of trust with the banking structures since they have access to the personal data of their customers, which facilitates their handling. The crypto monetary eliminates this need and that is what gives fears to the banks.
  2. Indeed, in this field we need new ones with their lot of questions and experts to emit opinions to these questions. this will increase the number of active members. I am sure that the changes will move the follow-up in the right direction.
  3. Sooner or later, the digital currency will become a utility when governments bend to reality. Nowadays, some institutions already accept this currency as a method of payment. As for the use of this currency, it will depend on its safe and fast accessiblity of any sale or purchase transactions between physical persons.
  4. Continue in this direction and we will have at the end a forum of great importance. And in this case, the forum will have to be more involved. This will be the condition to be more advantageous compared to other forums.
  5. For a while, banks were afraid of cryptocurrency because it affected the fiducial money. But now they have found the opportunity to gain on cryptocurrency. From the hour, they are getting involved gradually.
  6. If you start the game with 1 Doge, it will be enough, except that in terms of play there is never any guarantee. Play once in a while, and each time you win you stop and move on to the next day. Well, good luck.
  7. At the moment I use mostly Yobit. All the monas that I move are on the application. In addition, movement fees are known in advance. For the moment it works perfectly.
  8. Only a few months for the Bitcoins reduction to be effective. This is the most discussed Bitcoin event in recent years. And this will become a reality because all the people active in this field are happy to have a bitcoin at around $ 60,000.
  9. mamoun1949

    Trading Tips

    If you notice that the market is moving unexpectedly, be outside, it can be fatal. do not panic and always look for new opportunities. What is certain is that even the most learned fell into traps.
  10. I saw the email received from yobit and I did not understand it. It's a friend of mine who explained to me how to work on bitcointalk, then a little later, I understood the principle and it amazed me and I'm right in it.
  11. It's never too late to do well with Bitcoin. If you bought the BTC at $ 17000, the profits will be slow to come. It is a certainty that in a few years, the price of the BTC between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000!
  12. No money can be considered stable in price. The element that can be considered stable is the volume. This same volume can help you manage problems more easily. I wish you success in your transactions!
  13. People will be expected to sell some of their assets to have money to spend during the end of year holidays. Which could influence the price negatively. Moreover, at the beginning of the year 2020, the price of the BTC will easily reach $ 20,000.
  14. It's a certainty that Bitcoin knows some ups and downs. If the bitcoin price is low, it does not mean that the bitcoin is finished. To say that it is the end, absolutely not because there is a multitude of physical or moral person involved. The price goes up and descent. He moves in a fork and sometimes he gets out of the frame and that does not mean anything.
  15. This work requires a lot of effort on the part of moderators, I think that the problem of languages can be solved by using the 3 or 4 most used languages. in any case, this domain remains the property of the site's managers.
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