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    Trading or HOLD

    As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile there will be continued temptation to find the direction of the price moving. At times the market fluctuates a little, fearing the same people used to sell out. By that time the panic can be experienced among the common people and the same is made use by the whales investing and getting back profit within a short through the difference between buying and selling. Holding is always the risk free way to enjoy, and the same needs to be done analyzing the market situation by that time.
  2. At the moment, children of the coin are the strongest. That is why it seems to me that we can safely invest in any of them. Most likely they will bring us a good profit in a few months. We must believe in cryptocurrency.
  3. yes, there is no need to be panic when you saw the market is not a good time to buy or sell. you still have another time to buy and sell if you can analyze to catch the opportunity from each coin. we really need patience in trading so we can do the best things that we can to still make a profit and we can keep trying to trade if we have a chance to buy at a low price and sell at a high price.
  4. I am not a believer of hodl in crypto space. The only coin I trust to hodl is bitcoin. I usually trade with btc pairs and try to increase the btc value. Not much a fan of usdt pairing. This does affect my trade profits in dollars. But I know that in future bitcoin will go up and will likely break the ATH.
  5. Yes, I believe that at the present time you should only trade the day in order to minimize the risk, you may find that the bitcoin price has fallen sharply and consequently the altcoin price goes down further, So if you invest long term or hold will be very heavy losses and losses. The market is continuing its down cycle and we should stay out of sight.
  6. Not me. I only sold those coins that there are still profit because I originally planned holding it for a few months to multitply that profit but plans have changed. Now, I'm just holding all the btc and crypto that keep falling in value.
  7. The whole market is struggling and investing in ICOs as well. ETH is very dependent on the market situation how it is performing. ETH is still a top coin and platform and will recover in the future as the market situation turns into bullish.
  8. Trading cryptocurrencies can be dangerous for rookies. I advice babypips site to learn the basics of trading before jumping to volatile markets. Cryptos look like different than stable forex market in terms of pips.
  9. Among the choices you have mentioned, I agree more with PPT, because I used to take part in a campaign and get some of these tokens and I still hold them for the long term. if you want to invest in other altcoins, I suggest BNB and UDST are great for long-term investments.
  10. It will need the following in order to start claymore dual miner by default. (you can manually switch miners in the dashboard after you start the node if you have others configured):ACCESSKEY = MYKEY,WORKER = MYWORKER,REMOTE = YES,MINER = claymore-eth
  11. This is difficult to predict. No one can really predict the price of crypto specially for long time like this. We know that ethereum is one of the best altcoin in cryptocurrency. So I expect that the price of ethereum will reach high levels in the future. I can not tell in price how much it will be but I am sure would be better than now. So I am curious about ETH price in 2020.
  12. Those percentages looks very attractive but im quite hesitant to deal with it.Just to make sure that its worth it then better seek out deeper information. In regards with masternodes i had experienced with Minex but its not mineable. Among the 3 given i would go for Gobyte.
  13. Halving was discussed even during the bull run, I remember some people saying wow if the price is 15k like it is right now imagine what happens when the next halving comes. Of course, I'm not saying halving won't see BTC at 20k or more next year, but a lot of people knew about it already and its effect won't be pronounced this time.
  14. Indeed, investing and trading are the best sources of bitcoin in market and if you want to earn huge amount of money you must do both of them. In addition to that, both of them are need of huge capital and if you have huge capital you can really trade and invest without any worry that you could not earn money and income.
  15. yeah, indeed from the beginning bitcoin was the top crypto currency. the main reason is Bitcoin as a pioneer of crypto currencies. secondly, Bitcoin is the most referring to altcoin. (in pairs) and altcoin growth is from the source code developed by crypto developers. so altcoin is under Bitcoin.
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