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  1. At the moment, children of the coin are the strongest. That is why it seems to me that we can safely invest in any of them. Most likely they will bring us a good profit in a few months. We must believe in cryptocurrency.
  2. Yes, I believe that at the present time you should only trade the day in order to minimize the risk, you may find that the bitcoin price has fallen sharply and consequently the altcoin price goes down further, So if you invest long term or hold will be very heavy losses and losses. The market is continuing its down cycle and we should stay out of sight.
  3. Trading cryptocurrencies can be dangerous for rookies. I advice babypips site to learn the basics of trading before jumping to volatile markets. Cryptos look like different than stable forex market in terms of pips.
  4. Among the choices you have mentioned, I agree more with PPT, because I used to take part in a campaign and get some of these tokens and I still hold them for the long term. if you want to invest in other altcoins, I suggest BNB and UDST are great for long-term investments.
  5. It will need the following in order to start claymore dual miner by default. (you can manually switch miners in the dashboard after you start the node if you have others configured):ACCESSKEY = MYKEY,WORKER = MYWORKER,REMOTE = YES,MINER = claymore-eth
  6. Those percentages looks very attractive but im quite hesitant to deal with it.Just to make sure that its worth it then better seek out deeper information. In regards with masternodes i had experienced with Minex but its not mineable. Among the 3 given i would go for Gobyte.
  7. Hopefully the market will gain more promising demand as it takes towards bull run. Many speculative ideas will come in the midst of it, and we might not notice that we're able to surpass all those past challenges. If this begun to be strong, it will sustain it's momentum and move up higher to the highest price that ever recorded in history. Same as what we've experienced with the first bull run, many of us thought bull run was unstoppable but still there's a right time for all of it. During those days when price was too high, just expect sudden downfall to happen.
  8. safety in exchanges comparing between crypto and stocks will be better in stocks because of regulation and exchanges being seriously high risk in attacks of hackers, profitability is a no brainer answer, it will be crypto trading of course. Movement in stocks trading is so slow compared to trade bitcoin and knowing the fact that some countries doesn't have tax regulation yet on cryptos.
  9. No bitcoin is not legal in bangladesh just a few days ago bangladeshi govt. Clearly stated that any person who is dealing in cryptocurrencies will be strictly dealt by the central bank as well as bangladeshi agencies. If you are from bangladesh I recommend you take proper precautions before beginning your journey so that you don't get into some big trouble.
  10. actually we invest anywhere, of course there is a result, both eth and btc are the same. so we really have to choose one project. for where we invest money, we also have to be careful in choosing projects. because not all projects are profitable
  11. Ethereum will move upwards and buying Ethereum is a very good decision. Bitcoin is able to go up very high and this is definitely addressed by Ethereum. I think that the Ethereum price hike will happen when the price of Bitcoin is already stable. You are not in a hurry to sell coins and must be ready to face all market conditions.
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