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  1. Before start posting you need to know the rules of this forum and know how to work on it then you can start posting comments . First read the topic and then If you know about that topic then comment.
  2. As I experience that this site is very beneficial for me I know many things about it and earn coin from it and its depends on you how much you like this site and work effectively and efficiently in it.
  3. I work in it whenever I am free almost 2 -3 hours I spend time on this forum and I get lots of knowledge about the cyrptotalk and I get paid as much as I post .
  4. This problem has happened with many of the members . Many of my post also get deleted but don't know why this happens . may be there is some technical issue or may moderator doesn't think that it is useful post .
  5. It is the important site for me . I am thankful for this site . I get knowledge and earn money . What ever we want we can get all desire topic .this forum is very important and beneficial for me.
  6. There is 3 minutes gap after sending one comment it is important as there is lot of spam so all this has been done to avoid or may be it is something different .
  7. You don't need to give like to all the members of you see the post is useful or you gain some knowledge from it then you can give like to it Because the members who works hard should get likes.
  8. You are right this forum bring more user at Yobit as people join this site and they automatically use the Yobit for receiving payment and they take interest to buy or invest in it .
  9. If 5 people using same Wi-Fi then there is lot of chances that all five people ID will get ban . You can use only that phone net in which you are using crypto. This is the forum rule.
  10. If 2 -3 post delete then there is no guilt but when When the post is deleted from 10 then its very hurt and I don't have any idea why this happened why our some post get deleted.
  11. The moderator does not lock old topic Because they don't delete whatever they find important topics and which is important for beginners also and there is few topic which is locked.
  12. I join this site one month ago at first I don't know anything about it my brother help to know how it works and how can we do work on it . It is the most beneficial site for me.
  13. Its very hurts when our post get deleted but don't know why this happens may be moderators think post is not useful then they delete the post we don't have to take tension about this.
  14. As you can see your starting comment and now there is huge difference at starting I don't know anything about it but Gradually everything came to know how to work in it.
  15. In cryptotalk there is setting about the notifications then you can go there turn on the notification as someone quotes your post then you will notify about this.
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