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  1. Its really a logic prediction because as we can see the majority of coins in the market now are useless coins and they dont have any future plan I think by the future we will see a maximum of 100 survival cryptocurrencie
  2. I dont think that exict expect in some new exchanges that they want to grow the number if users and i think even a new exchange will not give you a 100%
  3. What make usdt for example stable is that no one sell usdt with a higher or lower valeu than 1$ And if this happned will not affect the price because the global trades of usdt is for 1$
  4. Trading is almost like gambling and i'am sure that 70% of traders just lose their money and just few people can make parmanent profits What make believe that trading and gambling are almost the same is my sentiments when i make both of them
  5. I agree with you...not just for that but also about payment Many peopled and i'am one of them had payment trouble because of deleted posts and they keep asking about their payment
  6. I agree with you and this phrase is really useful when we talk about things like trading or betting the majore cause of wasting money is the greed and the desire for quick money
  7. Unfortenetly in my country bitcoin isnt that famous and the majority of people her dont know anything about it Our governement dont care if you use bitcoin or no and there is no laws that make bitcoin ilegal
  8. I dont think that the wast of energy caused by bitcoin is a think can harm humanity or somthing like that There is many other useless things that wast energy more than bitcoin
  9. Btc still a new thing for the world and many people arround the world dont know anything about it I think we must wait more time to say if bitcoin can last for ever or no
  10. I think that there is just a small chance about that Bitcoin is already used bu a big number of people arround the world and i dont think bitcoin will crash easly Maybe with some bad things that can happen to the world economy bitcoin can have a big price dump
  11. Hello my friends Can someone please explain to me the full conditions to withdraw my air tokens from the invest box(daily percent) Thanks
  12. Thanks for sharing this my friend I think ist really the best place to know about the live price of all majore currencies Preev a good site but we can also know about btc ltc and doge
  13. I dont think that just 1000 user are real users Maybe about 7000 user are real and i thing this number is not bad at all for a young forum like cryptotalk We wish a bright future to all cryptotalk community
  14. I think its not really a logic thing to compare bitcoin with us dollar in the curent time Bitcoin and dollar have diffrente nature and bitcoin still cant be used in every life stuff not like usd
  15. Its not about a dream or reality Bitcoin is a thing that no one expect in the financial Bitcoin is a real revolution that by the time can be the biggest revolution in the financial world
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