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  1. I don't know someone but it's me who get a lot more from crypto currency. At first I was not so good at financial condition but now it's totally changed for working in crypto currency
  2. This will be great if us gives them permission to launch then this will be the most trustworthy project till now and surely people will make a huge jump into this project
  3. Yes it's totally safe as long as you will not lost your privacy or private kye. If it will be then no one can help you to get back your crypto assets
  4. Till now the answer will be none. But some investors gives some giveaway of Bitcoin for there subscriber's sometimes
  5. Bitcoin has now entering the whole world day by day so we can imagine future world without Bitcoin anymore. So It will be part and parcel of our life
  6. We waste a lot of electricity to fulfill our daily life as watching YouTube or so many things but only Bitcoin gives the value of our time so it's not a waste anymore
  7. I believe that Bitcoin will be survive as long as much we will because Bitcoin have take his position in our life already and we are getting so much benefit from this so I believe it will never gone
  8. If you are going to invest for long term then it's all about okay but if it's not then obviously it will be worse time because many prediction is telling about more drop off price in recent
  9. I also like these two but about trading attract lots than anything because I got so many valuable information to get some good knowledge for trading there
  10. This will be good if we get such kind of notifications everyday then we don't need to prepping too much to know about reset time
  11. Of course you will be reported if you make any kind of copy paste there no matter how you make this but copy paste will be cause of banning your account
  12. For this we have to acquire more and more knowledge about present crypto world so we can make some great content everyday
  13. You are right. Anyone can make upto 50 post in a day but he will be rewarded for 30 post. The remain one's will help to increase your rank
  14. But holding gold can't be so profitable than Bitcoin nowadays. Again Bitcoin can make you rich but gold will never by so fast
  15. I will make my own business with 10 Btc and I will use other 10 for trading in binance or kucoin exchanger.
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