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  1. I'm sorry, but for now little don't agree with your opinion. I must to believe in bitcoin very very strongly. And I already put my life on it.(( You should never do that and I wouldn't advise anyone! But it's my choice and maybe I'll be right after all. Maybe not...
  2. Google has pictures of Satoshi, but they're 100% fake!! The real personality will be shrouded in mystery anyway. I'm sorry if I disappoint anyone now, but you can't find out anything real about Satoshi's personality.
  3. I think we should install a very good antivirus. And not to store data on your computer or phone anyway! It's best to write on paper and hide it somewhere. I already did that and sleep with peacefully. ^^
  4. Don't forget that maybe he not only one person! This person is very mysterious and maybe we will never know the real truth. I'm very interested in finding something about Satoshi and read a lot about it sometimes.
  5. You shouldn't impose it on them. The time will come little later for them. Better to improve your personal knowledge about all of it. And one day they'll come up again and ask. Because crypto is the future for everyone anyway!
  6. There are a lot of advantages for crypto. I can't wait to see when it dominate the world and begin to replace the all fiat. Ten years ago no one could think of that and now the odds for the future are very very amazing!
  7. This should be the first and most important message for beginners. Bonuses are just an addition. The goals of this forum are to help you develop and improve every day. If you study here carefully, then will reach unprecedented heights.
  8. Don't worry, man. Our defenders are testing different ways to fight spam and gathering statistics. It was very inconvenient for me too, but we had to be patient for important purposes. Do you agree with me? ^^
  9. It's very good to hear you, dear friend. Come on! Let's working very hard every day together! Sharing experiences and helping each other. Without this place we wouldn't have so many opportunities. Let's use them to the fullest!!
  10. When something like this happens you don't have to panic! I was very worried once at the very beginning of my experience on forum. It will take some time and everything will be fine. You can get your bonuses again. ^^
  11. I think there can be only one right answer. Bitcoin is the best of best forever. But don't forget about eth. It's showing very well, too. If you get tired of bitcoin, take a closer look at ethereum!
  12. You need to create some new topics very carefully. Check if there's have been any similar in the past. No need to get upset, man. If you create topics with full quality and originality, they will 100% not be removed.
  13. I think this forum has a amazing future. It all depends on us, too! We must improve it. Write the best topics and posts here. So every newcomer can follow our example and help us. It's the only way we can get a better community and upgrade our future.
  14. I think this is the main feature of this forum and it makes no sense for them to take it away, right? Maybe it can get some changes in the future, but 100% never goes away. That's my opinion.
  15. I have very very high expectations in the bitcoin area. At the beginning of this year he already showed himself well. Now the most important thing is not to stop! Today I started to get a little nervous because he fell slightly. 😞
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