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  1. DAI is a good stabecoin, it always holds the price of 1 USD, although the price does not change to bring profit to investors but it can help preserve your money when the market is down.
  2. I have never sent the wrong one like that, but sending the wrong wallet address will lose, no one will be able to get it back, but I don't know if you send ETH to another ETH address or a wallet of another Altcoin.
  3. I don't use bitcoin for payment purposes because my country's government forbids using it for payment so there's no place to accept it, I can only sell it for fiat money.
  4. this market is good for now, but at other times it is better to keep usdt than other financial markets and depending on each person's perspective, with my small capital so I choose to trade / btc
  5. Yes it's still not very popular, it's just a way to introduce cryptocurrencies to people and it's very effective, I think everyone should learn that way.
  6. congratulation. I think it was worth a little while ago but now it's quite good, sometimes the great thing is you don't know about it soon, if you remember it early you probably sell it soon 😀
  7. I know dogecoin and litecoin, and str is now XLM, XLM is a community coin, it's been given to the community since 2014, I dsax received it then and now it's playing for keybase
  8. I used to make $ 6000 but now I'm losing $ 4,000, it's not easy in this market. Making money fast again comes with big risks earning $ 500 with a capital of $ 22 is extraordinary, can you tell me if you trade daily margin or trading
  9. I was surprised because that friend posted on Facebook and I knew they used ETH and it was great, I will do the same later.
  10. in my opinion, when you feel the price of bitcoin is too high, you should trade in pairs USD and when the price of bitcoin in the uptrend period, you should trade in pairs btc to earn more btc
  11. Yes. Yes, the board should change the mechanism to make it more suitable for the forum and make it more and more developed, and fair for members.
  12. I haven't done it yet, but my friend used ETH to make wedding money, they created paper wallets and put them in envelopes.
  13. the other day I posted about 5-6 articles but only received 1 payment. I haven't had any posts for 2 days so I don't know if my account is having any problems, I hope the system will still work stably.
  14. I think it is better not to create more than 1 account because nowhere you like you have 2 different accounts working together, maybe yobit they don't ban and maybe they will ban in the future
  15. I am now satisfied with it, there will need to be more improvements and more topics in the future and I think I should replace the other membership ranking system instead of the current number of posts.
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