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  1. My plan is to collect as many cryptocurrencies and then I can go earlier in retirement. Financial independence for my family.
  2. Today is a good day for Monero is up 4%. I don't think that Monero will go more down. Maybe we touch 0.0065 Satoshi but I don't think that it will lose more
  3. There are some bad examples like Mt Gox and also some smaller exchanges with fake volume. Most bigger exchange like Binance or Bittrex are more safe and serious. Nevertheless I would not recommend to store more funds on an exchange as you need.
  4. If the next support of the 100 day average ($7,800) don't hold, the price can go down to the next support ($ 6,780). But no one hope that this come true.
  5. It depends when and for which price you have bought the coins. If you bought Bitcoin in February for $4k than your have still a nice profit. If you don't need the money I will suggest you to HODL your coins.
  6. I think privacy coins will grow over average in the next bull market. Monero is one of the most known privacy coins. Do you really expect that Monero will go more down?
  7. Indeed, trading on the Waves Dex is fun. I like the Dex even there is not such a trading volume as on other exchanges. I hope the team will do a good marketing campaign to attract more people to this great coin.
  8. Masternodes are indeed not recommended for beginners. There are some good shared masternode services like Stakinglab. This service is easy to use and for beginners also. https://stakinglab.io
  9. I have some coins in my wallets over two years. I have started in July 2017 and bought some ETH and LTC. I hold them since this time. According to my records I bought LTC for $27 average. I didn't sell them when they were worth $200 why should I sell now?
  10. Yeah, Yobit should reanimate the Waves investbox. It was the best possibility to get more Waves coins. Maybe we can ask the support to do this.
  11. Thanks for the tutorial about the Yobit investbox. I had already coins in the investbox (Waves and Doge) and geat a nicely profit on it. I have started a new with MICRO a few days ago. Up to now it looks good and the coin grow a bit in value.
  12. I will definitely hold my Waves or I will buy more if Waves are still as cheap. I think it is a good investment for 2020.
  13. Indeed is trading better than hodl but you need experience and time for trading. It is easy to make money with one good trade, trading continuously with profit isn‘t that easy. When I started with trading I lost a lot because of impatience and less experience.
  14. I suppose the departure from the US has only a regulative aspects. There so many finacial restrictions if you have finacial business in the US. Therefore it is easier for Polo to go to Asia.
  15. I didn't follow the Robee project recently but it looks not so bad. Robee is also listed on KuCoin abd I thought the the price will grow more. Maybe they need more time to stabilize.
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