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  1. I have so many accounts on several exchanges, but most frequently I use Binance, Yobit and Bittrex. I also used Kucoin, but stopped trading since they were hacked recently.
  2. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the first currency to achieve global adoption. There are some other currencies to follow BTC. Dash is very popular in South America. Maybe a new currency can overtake all other coins and achieve the global adoption first.
  3. Some people call Bitcoin the digital gold. There is a relationship between BTC and gold both have a limited supply. I like both currencies, the old gold world and the new digital one.
  4. I don't think that CPU mining is profitable nowadays. The costs for energy are too high. I've tried it a few years ago but with some other coins and not BTC.
  5. It is a disaster for Kucoin and all their customers. I've checked my account and all funds are still there. Here is a stream from the Kucoin CEO Johnny Lyu: He is relly shocked about the hack.
  6. I never used a Defi platform. I think this is the same kind of hype like ICO's in 2017. Maybe it will be the next big thing, but in my opinion most projects will die till year end.
  7. OK I'm a bad trader because you need time and patience. These are two characteristics I don't have. Everyone can learn to trade but you should trade coins with a higher volume.
  8. This! The safest way to store your coins is a hardware or paper wallet. Don't trust Online wallets or Exchanges. Not your keys -> not your coins
  9. On Yobit you can participate in many campaigns and promotions. Every few weeks a new promotion and i like the investbox.
  10. I have only some small amounts on exchanges for staking or investbox.The majority is stored on Hardware wallets.
  11. I also don't think that Ethereum can hit $8k this year. It can hit it in a few years but not in 2020. I will be happy if we can touch the ATH this year.
  12. Not all coins in the Investbox require to play the Dice game. Some coins doesn't need any action like TALK, MASK or MICRO.
  13. I don't see any advantage of the card to be honest. Why should I buy your card with crypto coins to buy cryptocurrencies? There are so many ways to buy crypto directly without your card. Maybe I overlook something but I don't think the the card will work for me.
  14. Nobody know if it is a good deal or not, because the value of TALK is unknown. We will know the value of the the Token in three months.
  15. I hope that the halving effect come up again and we see gains like at the last halvings. I think $20k can happen around end of may.
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