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  1. I hope that the halving effect come up again and we see gains like at the last halvings. I think $20k can happen around end of may.
  2. Maybe I'm too stupid for using this bot. It doesn't work for me properly. For me it is easier to use the website than the bot.
  3. It will take some time before we will see mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in retail business. But there are some local shops where you can buy with crypto.
  4. I think it is only a story about cryptocurrencies and the black market. There is more Fiat money in the black market than crypto. Some use crypto but more use Fiat.
  5. I don't think that Bitcoin will reach $12000 in the next week. In my opinion we will see $10k at maximum. Maybe $12k at the end of February.
  6. It looks like you never lost some of your Satoshis or got scammed. $70 for a hardware wallets to store your funds is not expensive (in my opinion).
  7. I agree with you about the long run. But it seems there are better opportunities than Waves. I loved Waves and had a node for for than two years but sold all coins recently. The performance over the last 9 month is a desaster, from 100k to 9k and no support from the team.
  8. Yeah I remember the good old "every month a fork" times. But the last forks were all crap, like Bitcoin Diamond.
  9. What was the fork where you make the money? I only claimed the fork of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. The was not worth to fill in my private key.
  10. There are some coins where you have to do some actions like dices or buy a specific coin. But there are also coins with no required action. I recommend to take a look on MICRO. Since I have started my investment the coin gained 20% and I get 1% on daily basis.
  11. Indeed is this the time to buy more cryptocurrencies. All prices are down and you will get more coins for your FIAT money. I hope the market will go up in december.
  12. The whole crypto market is down and nobody knows why. I think the whales push the prices down to get more BTC.
  13. I wish that I can turn back the time and can buy Bitcoin for less than $5? But I don't want the BTC crashes to $2. I think this will never happen, the big guys have other interests.
  14. There were some rumors about cryptocurrency payments on Amazon. Up to now there is no possibility to pay with crypto. It will be great if this can be realized in the future.
  15. I have some ETN and I mine some with my mobile. There was a hype in 2017 because they had a good marketing campaign. I don‘t think that it is worth to invest because of no further project progress and the price dropped heavily.
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