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  1. On the off chance that you're great trader or investr then conceivable to outlive fulltime in crypto, But in case you simply depend on bounty and airdrops at that point dont take off work till get handsome income for venture since presently a dasys ICO projects paying less and most of ventures are scam.It is better to urge skill in exchanging at that point come with culminate planning to induce fianancial opportunity in cryptoworld.
  2. As we know Bitcoin is decentralized and having no control to any one and work freely on blockchain.People utilize Bitcoin all inclusive and a few time its tall request same time around the world and soem time huge whales control the market.Being crypto significant other keep eye on the advertise and get advantage from Bitcoin in like manner.
  3. There are many topics started for the beginners,But You defiend well in detail.I would suggest to beginners must read already existed topics created for the beginners ratehr personally start new one. Ofcourse following rules is responsibility of all and careful to choose topic and reply to the point because spam and meaning less posts will be deleted.
  4. It is part f crypto market,ytraders and investors take it as ans opportunuty to buy at low and sell at high.In short term may it cost to trader but for long run will leave handsome profits. Being active trader keep eye on the market and buy new listed coins with low and sell on high after couple of days or months.
  5. It'll increase your level of information and make great blogger,Now a days computerized world and bloggers gain thousnsds in fair minutes,Contribution in gathering with writting great substance will make you prevalent and earnest member. It will make great will for you in individuals and will get advantage from your content,Overall it is benficial for individual and prfessional development.
  6. If want to professional trader educate yourself and spend more time on technical analysis.Never trust on any trading bots or shortcuts because trading is matter of learning and it comes from practice and learning.Believe in yourself and stay with your trade will bring handsome profits.
  7. We are running within the modern era,Currenct centuary is precious for the youth because BTC is suits to the youth.Chilldren and old ones unable to use BTC as youth use in secure and efficient way.Hopefully government should legalize the BTC to make use of BTC easy and discover the different ways to generate reveneue for stable economy.
  8. mega

    Trading psychology

    One of my greatest issues has continuously been figuring out that if i made that strategy i get profit,But its all about the maket conditions and psychology have important role in the trading.Mostly seen that traders fall and quit but they dont overcome their lacks,They sell in panic and overtrade also poor money management which bring trade down and lost all. Focusing on trade and believe in own technical analysis and just reamin cool and calm will bring positive results.
  9. Every one has own mental approach and adoption skills,Some learn easily and some take long and some learn from others experience ansd mistakes.Cryptotalk is best platform for both beginners and the existing users to enhance skills and learn about related field.Trading is all about learning and overcome the emotions.
  10. How you contribute in cryptocurrency depends on how you bear to loose.There are two ways to invest short term and long term,If have a full time and able to pay bills then go with short term and if have job then best option is long term.Bitcoin is leading coin having volatility possible to earn handsome amount if unable to afford BTC then go with good altcoins.
  11. As of now everybody knows about Bitcoin. It’s as it were altcoins that are not much well known since after you specify the word cryptocurrency individuals ordinarily say it’s bitcoin. The another cryptocurrency that's very prevalent but not as Bitcoin, is Ethereum. Ethereum is the best option to invest now for long term because ether is mostly used in online payments and its adoption also rises. BNB,BCH,MONERO also best options to invest and make good portflio,to save for futre financial freedom.
  12. It is part of crypto market but in that situation you can minimize the loss and get benfit from this market.Ordinarily, the stablecoins best opportunity to minimize the risk ,Traders pullback their cash to fiat mostly with stable coins but when they see market go dump then convert coins in stable coins to minimize the loss. For example if you want to stay in the market but want safe your money then convert coins in stable coins and proper technical analysis show that this is lowest of market then again buy with stable coins and sell on the peak.
  13. If we say its safe way to earn here it will be right? In my opinoin, in case you're making cash out of exchanging coins or buy at low and sell in high,whereas considering that's incredible but getting profit thats pretty good to support your studies. There aren't any ensures you'll have effective trades all the time so be patient and focus on learning,will find many ways to earn more to pay your education bills.
  14. Whales are big threat for crypto market,It is hard to know the move of whales so before putting any trade must keep in mind the sudden move of whales. We can not stop the whales but can save our trade with proper money management and proactive approach to the trade and also put stop loss limit to deal with whales and minimize the loss.
  15. Agreed,One thing to note as well is that most of these self made tycoons did it over a long time. It doesn't happen overnight. There likely were a part of dissatisfactions and heartbreaks along the way. I'm not however a tycoon but i think one way to go there would be to not be anxious of going for a long run. Little steps forward would one way or another get you to your objective. It may take a long time but see at those individuals at the best.
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