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  1. A pretty interesting project, I will learn more about Hex. Hopefully in the future, Hex will grow well I will try to collect bitcoin from my sources and use it on this site despite the difficulty ....
  2. All honest taps give little to satos. Large and long-term work is required to obtain a number Also work on several taps
  3. What is your vision for Bitcoin in the next 03 years: 1. There will be a crazy rise in price 2. The ceiling shall not exceed $ 12,000 3 - Legal regulations will put him in a cage and determine its value
  4. The train is moving towards encryption ... no alternative now to cryptocurrencies Imposed its reality and created its advantages despite its negatives
  5. Best history In many developed countries that are open to new technologies, Bitcoin is commonly traded in shops and even cafes In France there are many cryptocurrency exchange offices. But here in the countries of the underdeveloped world everything new is prejudicial to the security system of the state and is illegal.
  6. thank you brother Can you explain to us how to invest on the Yobit platform I have more than 1000 Doge and I would like to invest
  7. This experience happened to me Fraud has several smart and tempting ways that make you flow and see them without realizing that you are stupid
  8. Your suggestion is OK People withdrawing their capabilities from Bitcoin to invest in other projects have a convincing reason for the price drop. But with my own observations there is an unknown party may be controlling and manipulating the price of Bitcoin according to their own strategies and do not rule out some platforms.
  9. Let's leave things on track Why create a balance for digital currencies? Black gold for decades and mankind exploited and several wars for him, but there was no roofing of the price of oil.
  10. One of the disadvantages of automated media technologies is that they could not prevent criminal operations. Insurance is a promising sector in cryptocurrencies and of course it will have drawbacks But I think it is necessary and electronic platforms should look into this
  11. Personally I do not know the reasons why the price is variable in several platforms. Perhaps speculation in terms of the value of buying and selling on platforms makes the price varies from one to another.
  12. Good thing to hear such news. But I am embarrassed by the question: If each country establishes an electronic currency, what is the future of current cryptocurrencies?
  13. After weeks of sideways price movement, bitcoin’s value plummeted by almost $500 this morning. Every other major cryptocurrency soon followed, with many losing around 10% of their total value. While erratic and unpredictable changes in price are nothing new in cryptocurrency — BTC unexpectedly fell by more than $1,000 in late September, for instance — being able to identify the root causes of a crash is relatively rare. Today’s price drop may be different. The cryptocurrency market is in an unprecedented situation, having finally captured the attention of governments, central bankers, and regulators across the globe. This week, several of those factors collided. In this post, we’re taking a look at the three biggest factors pushing back against bitcoin’s price today. 1. Zuckerberg faces Congress 2. Ex-Trump administration official admits to popping 2017 BTC bubble 3. The SEC once again rejects another bitcoin ETF
  14. Prices are acceptable to many But in my opinion in the long run and after the development of regulations and legal frameworks to regulate cryptocurrencies and subject to the global regulatory authority then prices will define an unexpected decline Because now a lot of criminal operations and the sale of weapons and drugs are paid for Bitcoin for this price is high.
  15. We have like say: Greed dominated by a liar. We find some sites give large sums for depositing a small number of satosites .... Can you believe this Online must work a lot to achieve little There is nothing magical that gives you thousands of dollars for a simple deposit
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