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  1. I agree. Cryptocurrency is being bad for people when they are becoming obsess to the point they invest lots of money particularly in the gambling. It is not that bad to be addicted to crypto if that addiction is about having more knowledge about it and how to prosper your money more.
  2. Indeed that ethereum is the second most valuable coin in the market but it does not specify that it will eventually replace bitcoin. Personally, ethereum will never be above bitcoin eventhough days will pass since it is an altcoins meaning alternative coins.
  3. That was sad to hear about. It was such a great lost. The opportunity was lost. I have also experience to lose an opportunity in is when the bitcoin reaches almost 1M. I didn't enter the crypto that time. I really regret not being part of that history.
  4. The status of cryptocurrency in my country is that it is somehow accepted since the central bank of ours issued an online wallet in order to store coins and convert it in our currency.
  5. I think all of us needed to open a local board or section for us to be comfortable at expressing our insights in a speicific topic due to we won't be stressful in making an understandable english sentence.
  6. I started entering cryptocurrency when I saw my classmate being able to earn in here. I have heaed about crypto way back 2016 but I started it 2017 and I am glad to say that I am enjoying being in here.
  7. Bitcoin indeed falling down as day goes by but that doe not mean it will stay in that state forever. I think many people will try to invest in here more or buy some of it since bitcoin is in a low price. We should see this in a optimistic view because the bull run will happen too soon.
  8. It is good to have a security section for us, the members, will be aware on how the other secure theirs. It will be a great help because we can share and trade different ideas for securing our coins.
  9. Scammers are all over in this world. It is sometimes hard to identify due to it looks very true. Scammers token is inevitable. All we need to do is be careful in picking the right one. Honestly I didn't encoured so much scams.
  10. It depends. When the bitcoin is high then maybe I will sell lot of my coins otherwise I will sell a little of it in order to buy presents for the christmas holiday since it only happens once a year.
  11. Be accurate and make your answer be senseful. Stop misleading your readers about the opinions you want to share corresponding to the topic.
  12. It is not possible to repeat the history. I think that bitcoin can reach or even increase in the coming december. That was the year where it also reaches almost 1M. If the value will continue to increade then it is possible to repeat the history.
  13. I have heard the bitcoin way back 2016. It was told to me by my classmates and close friends. They told me how it works by letting me see the actual forum, online wallet, trading place and so on. They also told me that if I wanted to earn while studying then bitcoin and other crypto must be my way to achieve it and I am thankful to them because it is true.
  14. I been here about four years. At first, it was such a difficulty for me since there are a lot of thingsbyou need to explore and understand however it was fun knowing every details of cryptocurrency because it introduce me to a new world that can be a way for me to earn.
  15. Yobit is not in the first rank maybe because it is still new to the industry. It has a little population unlike in the other. There are lots of steps that yobit must do in order to reach that rank.
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