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  1. FreeBitcoin is site faucet bitcoin and site gambling bitcoin. We must wait 1 hour for get free 33-40 Satoshi and than you can using for playing BET
  2. Yess you alright , some member have same post and same question every day until this time. I think this forum need more moderator for handle post like this.
  3. Washing time for 30 second for 35 Satoshi , and than min withdraw 20,000 Satoshi . I Will playing BET is better than view streaming.
  4. posts like this have been answered a lot before, you can search by the keyword "yobit" many who answer questions like the questions you ask.
  5. Enjoy with STEEM , STEEM available trade on binance , binance is better than poloniex sir. Binance have big volume transaction every day
  6. I'am spending my time if I have free time. This forum we can get information from member for free.
  7. that is my weakness when trading on coins that move so fast. I want to be part of the party before it's too late, even though sometimes there are a few things happening at a glance.
  8. Same as other exchanges, there used to be often a prime listing for ICO tokens. I used to trade a lot and profit a lot from hitbtc.
  9. You must understand about cryptocurrency for first. And than you build your experience . Knowledge is important before you Will invest.
  10. Can you explain how create wallet using hardware wallet and how to back up ? Above , you just explain about how create online wallet.
  11. have program give airdrop 50,000 KICK. 1 KICK rate is 2 Satoshi or you can have $10 for 1 x register
  12. I once gave someone a bitcoin in physical form of a coin. Physical coins contain bitcoin. he can access with the private key that is behind the metal.
  13. BNB , this token is my choice . I always trade using pair BNB or BTC, I want make a profit BNB and BTC equivalent.
  14. This why , I'am always afraid if hold or safe my asset cryptocurrency in online wallet. I recommended you , using hardware wallet if want to safe your asset.
  15. 999doge , this site if I'am playing gambling. Fast withdraw , low fee . Or gambling in freebitcoin with faucet for playing gambling.
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