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  1. FreeBitcoin is site faucet bitcoin and site gambling bitcoin. We must wait 1 hour for get free 33-40 Satoshi and than you can using for playing BET
  2. This forum need more moderator for control every post. Because in this forum many member have same post or question.
  3. Yess you alright , some member have same post and same question every day until this time. I think this forum need more moderator for handle post like this.
  4. Washing time for 30 second for 35 Satoshi , and than min withdraw 20,000 Satoshi . I Will playing BET is better than view streaming.
  5. I no have problem like you , my account is fine for open message in this forum sir. But loading page this forum very hard
  6. posts like this have been answered a lot before, you can search by the keyword "yobit" many who answer questions like the questions you ask.
  7. Enjoy with STEEM , STEEM available trade on binance , binance is better than poloniex sir. Binance have big volume transaction every day
  8. This forum was created to share information. If you have ever posted and your posts are useful, why do you have to delete the account permanently ?
  9. I'am spending my time if I have free time. This forum we can get information from member for free.
  10. UID is same like Username ID . this is to facilitate the search for an account. identification like this is widely used by platforms that have members.
  11. that is my weakness when trading on coins that move so fast. I want to be part of the party before it's too late, even though sometimes there are a few things happening at a glance.
  12. Same as other exchanges, there used to be often a prime listing for ICO tokens. I used to trade a lot and profit a lot from hitbtc.
  13. You must understand about cryptocurrency for first. And than you build your experience . Knowledge is important before you Will invest.
  14. Can you explain how create wallet using hardware wallet and how to back up ? Above , you just explain about how create online wallet.
  15. have program give airdrop 50,000 KICK. 1 KICK rate is 2 Satoshi or you can have $10 for 1 x register
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