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  1. I never trade in Bitoffer, so i don't know it's legit or not. Currently i trading in Binance, there is have crowded market, also you can cut their trading fees with BNB. For their security i think good. If you want see other exchanges you can check in coinmarketcap, choose exchanges/market tab, you can see some exchanges listed. You can choose where you can trade, i recommended if in your country have exchanges, use it first, because atleast if something wrong happen, you can report them to police.
  2. Yes that is what i think when i know Bitcoin. I see how big the idea of cryptocurrency for era revolution like now. Where we are in era technology, so we must atleast change our old way in Finance for example to make it better. In old way to buy food you must using cash, but now we can pay only with online wallet like cryptocurrency to pay it. With that solution, not only efficient but also cut some old way in transaction, also more transparent because our transaction is need verified by blockchain.
  3. Thanks for recommendation. But i never playing Blockchain Games, because for me games is waste times. I prefer create something and put some effort in my free time. So i can get some result maybe money, cryptocurrency, health, etc. But i sometimes playing cryptocurrency gambling, maybe because bored. So i just deposit some my cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Dogecoin, then play poker. But overall i lose so much in gambling.
  4. I think that is like ETF right? In my opinion that is awesome, you only give your money to them, then they will invest in best 10 altcoin.. But what the big question, what coin they invested? I am sure you don't know. What i see in the market, that is very risky to put in ETF. Because cryptocurrency isn't like stocks, where the movement is really fast every second, different with stock, it is really slow and always watched by institution. If stock have big spike uncontrolled sell or buy, it will freezed. But how in cryptocurrency, there is no one can freeze it.
  5. My fear in investing cryptocurrency is losing value. When you already research the coin, then decide to buy it, but after that coin not good performance. It decreased everyday. That is big question how long i will hold it, if i sell now maybe that is not true. I am confused. So that is my fear. Also in my first invest cryptocurrency, you can see random word and number as deposit address, i just fear i wrong put the address, hahha.
  6. For me using random password to make strong password is bad idea. Because in bad side, if you lose where you save your password, you are in big trouble. Your fund will still in wallet, but you can't open and use it. I prefer using different password in every signup, but can remember it in my head. For security reason, you can add 2FA and sms verification. If someday hacker can hack your wallet, he will stopped in 2FA and sms verification.
  7. Yes i also use coinomi. That is great wallet because support some token ICO. Also we can add manual token if we can't find it. I often change the fees, because if use normal fees, that is like big fees. I never use their exchanges shapeshift and changelly. Because i prefer using exchanges like Binance, the fees for trading can decreased and have more pair than using auto exchange like shapeshift.
  8. That is will happen because that is fake coin. At first maybe really crowded people trading it. But after day by day, the true value will showed. Much people put sell order than buy order, that is big signal that coin will dead soon. Some exchanges already anticipation dead coin, with delisting that coin first when the volume known not normal like other coin. But i don't know in Yobit, because i only trade in known coin only.
  9. That is sad story bro, especially you send it with big amount of Bitcoin. We must know hacker now is really smart, we need to protect first our computer or phone before going to use cryptocurrency. Because many ways hacker can get our fund. What i confused how that virus going to your computer? Is it using email or something else. What i see that virus only effect the copy paste, why antivirus can't detect it.
  10. My first trading experience for cryptocurrency around 2013. I want trading my Bitcoin, that time price bitcoin is really cheap than now. So i have around 1 BTC want sell it to help my cost of living. So i sell it around $200 if not wrong. Then i get the cash by bank transfer. My first experience is really smooth deal, because i don't know too much about cryptocurrency that time. But after see now, i feel how stupid me. hahaha..
  11. Yes that is correct. I sometimes too greedy when all price cryptocurrency going down. So i just buy them all where have big drop in price, what happen next i think just wait it to see that coin will going up. I see everyday, but the price always down, until someday exchanges going delist that coin. Oh my god that is trap! When we greed non rational reason will lead you, no research, no backup, only emotional want to see profit soon. haha.
  12. That is hard to fight with Bitcoin to get the rank number one in cryptocurrency. Because the marketcap and volume Bitcoin is more high than Ethereum. But i ever think like this, if someday Eth can beat Btc what happen? After thinking multiple times. I don't see any reason ETH can beat BTC, because Bitcoin is already know cryptocurrency. Every exchanges is always ready with pair coin for Bitcoin. But for ETH pair is still little, that is will make different in marketcap and volume. Because trader will choose what trading pair they see.
  13. I think that is me now. Currently i get some cryptocurrency from many source, like freelance, faucet, giveaway, trading also CPA. With that i want trying to invest some my money to buy ASIC miner. But i think that is really expensive for cost of hardware also cost for running it. I am still find any way to reduce the cost and gain the same result. With that i can trying to make a living with passive income from my miner. Hope this dream can be reality.
  14. I think bearish will still there because that is nature from supply and demand. Today Bitcoin price is drop 1.8% to $7,300. Yesterday the price Bitcoin going up around 2%, so Bitcoin still not stable to gain support level to $8k. But i think some people selling it because want prepare christmas soon this month. What i really shock one my altcoin is dropping more than 10%. Huh.. i hope will going well soon.
  15. Twitter is social media who allow free speech. I am really like Twitter than Facebook, because news from cryptocurrency is more fast and transparent on Twitter. What i think, Twitter will not create any coin in the future. Because basicly Twitter not greedy like Facebook where FB always create program to make them money. But Twitter have high chance to integrate payment with cryptocurrency, but i don't know what program to integrate it, maybe advertisment in twitter.
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