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  1. Total supply Talk token is unlimited. Because until now that token still not released on Ethereum Network for verify total supply. I think only tradeable on Yobit.
  2. Maybe true. But in my opinion the patient is must have a deadline. You know patient is the only one way to become success. For example you buy one coin, where the price is drop after you buy. So you doing patient and the price going down again. Then you keep patient until you lose your money so much. Maybe you can save some money if you doing cut loss.
  3. I only ever use blockchain wallet. i never use jaxx wallet. In my opinion all wallet where always give the best security is the best. The main security is the private key, only you must know it. Blockchain wallet in my opinion is good.
  4. febriyana

    Trust wallet

    Trustwallet is one of best wallet for now. Many people using it for their cryptocurrency wallet. But i am still not using it because their transaction fees can't edited. Also some my friend report to me their trust wallet get hacked and their fund ia empty.
  5. Nice article, but in my opinion what next?? We know the goal is making money, but for what? You must know what purpose why you need to making money. If you forget it, i believe you will be like other. After making money you will spend it, then repeat it again until you die. For me my purpose to earn money is to make my life more easy. My long goal is making the passive income, so i don't need working until i die. Because that i always doing hardwork and test new strategy to make that happen.
  6. I never use any wallet recovery services. Because wallet already warn us to save our private key. So we must careful to save our private key or phrase. If lose it i always assume that is my mistake. So i will forget it and create other wallet again. That is why i never put many coin/token in the wallet. So if bad thing happen, i don't lose so much.
  7. I ever get fired but before pandemic. I only focus to learn new skill, whatever. Also learn how to selling services or goods. Don't worry about mistake, keep focus to learning. You can also apply to the new job. I think many options after get fired. I am now already get hired again, but confused want resign or not, because want focus to working freelance in internet.
  8. I assume you never doing any job. Because you don't know what is the job. Just taking some portfolio and apply the job. I prefer to choose middle salary job at first. After you get the job, focus to learning, don't worry about salary. After that apply to the high salary or your dream job. If you are student now, focus to finish your school first.
  9. I think to create exchanges you must have really big capital. Because you atleast must have employee for security, operational, and advertising atleast. Also you need some pair and have liquidated market there. I don't get reason why you need open new exchanges. I think all exchanges already have good feature and crowded market. Please learn first about business. Exchanges not only about website.
  10. My best exchanges until now is Binance. Because the market is very liquidated, you don't need wait long time to get your coin to sell and buy. Their exchanges also giving some event, where we can get some airdrop or contest. My opinion about Yobit is good exchanges, but please redesign again the site, because not suitable for mobile device.
  11. Fake exchanges is really easy to get caught. The main indicator is simple, fake volume and fake trading. You can open the exchanges website, then open the cmc. If the price is different than other exchanges, maybe more expensive or cheap, take careful. If the price really expensive or cheap, that is indicator you enter on fake exchanges. Also check the volume and trading on the bar. If the speed trading is very fast, maybe exchanges running bot to execute order.
  12. I still don't know what will happen. Because i ever try to withdraw my LTC to BTC address, but my wallet will deny it automatic. So i never give wrong address after it. What wallet you use where allow all address to inputed.? But i assume your coin will lose forever, because i always see many exchanges always give alert to double check your address before send any coin/token.
  13. If you want investing in cryptocurrency. I see now more easy. Defi is the answer. I invest some my money in crypto.com buying some saving plan, like USDT. I can earn profit 8% per year. That is better my money not growing. You can also find defi where buying and staking for liquidity mining. The profit is more than USD saving, but keep mind the risk is big for investing in cryptocurrency.
  14. For cryptotalk, i prefer use it as sharing forum, the reward is additional. But for cryptocurrency i just think in the future full time job is appear. We can see now in the pandemic people going work remotely. Many crypto company also open full time job now. I am also working on crypto company, but for this time i work freelance.
  15. When i get first payment from cryptotalk, i think this site is good opportunity to get additional income. But for me i not really care about payment, i just care to sharing my experience and knowledge here. That is more fun if our post really helpful for people. If we only focus on the money, i believe your post going bad, not related, and spammy.
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