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  1. I think the reason no one know who creatw Bitcoin, especially for the photo because that is for safety. You know this world is very hard, so if someone make impact to this world. There is will make some people is going be killer and friend very fast. The main reason is to get much money from that inventor. So i think not wort to find him who create Bitcoin first time.
  2. I think Corona Virus is really make impact to China people. They have limited access to outside from their town. Many public transportation and other public service is stopped. That is not good for economic, their currency maybe going collapsed. That is why people in China maybe moving some fund to the Bitcoin. Where on Bitcoin we can fully control our asset.
  3. Dor today the price Bitcoin is already $10,200. That is good news. But actually to reach from $1,000 to $2,000 is not easy way. Because Bitcoin need much reason why it is worth for investment. We can look now the price Bitcoin is increased rapidly, i think this is because China people have problem with their currency so affected to cryptocurrency price.
  4. Really sad i think now that is over. I don't know where the button itself. Mostly is token in the investbox. So if you know how to get it now. Please sharing with us. Maybe for you all that Dogecoin is really cheap so not worth to collect, but for me i am really appreciated when getting small amount of crypto.
  5. I think if you still confused to earn cryptocurrency. I recommended to focus first to contribute on this forum. It is legit you will get paid with Bitcoin from this site. Everyday you can earn up to 30k satoshi. So i think nothing to lose, maybe you will get know some your post get deleted. So just post reply with High Quality post.
  6. Thank you for the information. That is good news. I can earn some Bittorrent coin. BTT is good coin in the platform Tron. So that is really instant when transferring BTT to my address. If you have other sites i am waiting it. But i recommended to not depend on the faucet, because mostly giving you small amount of reward.
  7. The highest reward from faucet i know is freebitcoin. Every claim is based on Bitcoin price so you can get much when the price Bitcoin is drop. Also i think not really complicated faucet, because that faucet i see not have any ads and popup. Just typing captcha and you will get your reward.
  8. I think most cryptocurrency i get is coming from this site cryptotalk. Where i can get paid by Bitcoin with just sharing my experience and opinion. That is can make me better when writing and also can get some information from other people. Also i think this method is free from restrictions. So you just need posting reply with high quality.
  9. My biggest regret is when i doing airdrop and i forget to sell it soon. So the price coin is really expensive on the opened market, but time to time the price going down and leading to zero price. After that i realize i have coin where i never trying to sell. Maybe if i sell it that time i can get rich quickly. But i am not care now just move on.
  10. Everyone need learn from their mistakes. I think not all lesson coming from books and video tutorial on Youtube. Some lesson coming from mistake. If you want learn it very focus, that sure will make you get some experience and from that you can get better strategy. You upgrade your strategy time to time after you get some mistake.
  11. That is nice action. You atleast can know how to trading and also make profit with that. But i am really recommended to control your emotion. Because not all time Bitcoin have good price like now. Maybe you get profit because Bitcoin basicly going up. Also don't be greedy when you get profit.
  12. Both i am not really doing it. For daily trading i think good for you already expert on trading. So everyday you need find best coin to purchase and sell it. So in daily you will get some profit and maybe you need taking some target. Swing trading i never do it. But seem interesting. My strategy now is doing holding and holding. So time to time the price can give me some profit just for holding.
  13. In my opinion that is technical analysis. I am until now never learn about it, that is really complicated. That is not really helpful on crypto trading, because all movement in the graph is based supply and demand. So i prefer to analyze the value for that coin and decide to buy and holding it to get profit.
  14. Yes that is right. I think stop loss is not really working in cryptocurrency. I ever use stop loss and that is bad idea to losing money time to time. For now when i buying coin i will choose it carefully, so when i want sell it. That is must have better price than when i buying it. So when the price drop i will patient to wait it get better price.
  15. My part now is i always learn anything mistake i created. So i atleast know what the problem i have and trying fix it. Like on trading, sometimes i wrong choose the coin and leading me to some lose. But i am not really care, because that is lesson to make us better than before. Losing money is easy to find again, but when you losing your mind that is big problem.
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