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  1. I don't support that, the chat section will be great amd anyebers will have chance to communicate with each other about cryptocurrency.
  2. Yes, that will be good and bring prospect to the forum if the members will be having another ways of earning apart from pay by posts.
  3. Actually the posts deletion is an issue that needs to be addressed in the forum because of is increasing day by day.
  4. The forum is created with no reputation but the effort members are putting together make the forum to be growing and processing everyday.
  5. Yeah, the forum are in need of new contents not repeating same content over and over again there are much to discuss in cryptocurrency.
  6. Yes, if there us competition there will be innovation of good topics that will bring more posts and comment that many will benefit from it.
  7. Yes, if section are added in the forum that will make the forum to have more interaction on those section created.
  8. Yeah, I agree with you. Most members don't see the person that give them reputation or reaction in the forum and that is good.
  9. Actually all posts that are not important to the forum is not counting and even if the posts count and later it was seen the posts will be deleted.
  10. The spammers now have no place in this forum and that is why most of them have left the forum and the forum is more secure and great now.
  11. That have already happens, most people in the cryptocurrency around the world have heard about the cryptotalk.
  12. Yeah, some accounts got banned because they are using same network, to avoid that is better everyone should use his own network while visiting the forum.
  13. Yeah, the captcha is do make sure those that are in the forum are not bot and the forum will be free from them.
  14. Even with the higher payment on bitxoin but the cryptotalk is getting more consideration by the people in cryptocurrency.
  15. Yeah, all posts that don't count then those posts are deleted by the moderators because of some rules violation.
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