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  1. January, 2021 Development Recap — Onwards to Cartesi’s Optimistic Rollups - Release of node tutorials, Cartesi Explorer, and CTSI Reserve Mining- Implementation of Descartes Rollups- Architecture and design for NoetherRead more: https://medium.com/cartesi/january-2021-development-recap-onwards-to-cartesis-optimistic-rollups-ec92edfac8a9
  2. ⚡️ Welcome EasyUSDT join Thunder Eco! Only 3 steps to win TT-USDT on EasyUSDT:1. Buy EZP points with credit card2. Play games with EZP3. Win TT-USDTReally Easy & funny way to get TT-USDT!Play now! https://easyusdt.com There is no PaLa coin, PaLa is a consensus protocol, ThunderCore official coin is ThunderToken TT and it is listed on dozens of exchanges, as well as on CMC and Coingecko. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/thunder-token/markets
  3. ⚡️Приветствуем EasyUSDT в Экосистеме ThunderCore3 шага чтобы выиграть TT-USDT на EasyUSDT1. Купить EZP с помощью банковской карты2. Играть в игры с EZP3. Выиграть TT-USDTПростой и развлекательный способ выиграть TT-USDT, попробуйте сейчас!EasyUSDT: https://easyusdt.com Это полноценный публичный блокчейн, на ThunderCore любой может выпустить свой DApps, как DeFi приложение, так и просто игру, на блокчейне ThunderCore есть десятки сторонних DApps, в том числе игры.
  4. Free TON Social Campaign calculations finishedCalculations of stakes to the tokens has been finished. You can see your final reward in tokens in Spreadsheet.You have time until distribution to carefully check your submission in Spreadsheet and tell the manager if you have any issue.Some of the users haven't provided correct wallet address, in case you will not confirm correct wallet ASAP you will not be able to receive your rewards.We will finish the distribution of tokens until January 21, 2020 and there will be no further support in case you miss distribution. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/196TAOMpbPXYOM9lzYE4xatzKwx-juD-V2a6fH5XqhoQ/edit#gid=1332185303
  5. Carti, the packaging system for Cartesi machines in our DApp incubation program, has now completed it's 2nd milestone! Carti has successfully implemented the command line interface (CLI), making it possible to list packages, retrieve data and download Cartesi machines by getting data from the repository.Learn more: https://github.com/createdreamtech
  6. Cryptotalk Week 4 Reports Checked. Bounty Campaign has been finished, stay tuned in the official group and channel in Telegram Channel https://t.me/FreeTON_Global_Community_Sub_EN Group https://t.me/global_community_sg
  7. Presenting another edition of the CTSI Foundation Reserve Transparency Report! The Cartesi team is committed to releasing and making vital information public for the transparency and overall trust of CTSI and the Cartesi project.Full report: https://medium.com/cartesi/ctsi-foundation-reserve-transparency-report-january-2021-e26211249721
  8. Our IoT incubation program project, Creol, has now completed its second milestone! During the second milestone, Creol conceived a solution for secure computations with the Cartesi machine that will be very robust not only for their use case but for IoT applications in general.We are excited for Creol's third milestone, bringing Cartesi's first Descartes IoT use case to production!Learn more: https://creol.io
  9. We are extremely excited with our communities participation in CTSI Reserve Mining thus far.A milestone has now been reached with over $1,000,000 USD in CTSI now staked!We are looking forward to the future of Noether! Cartesi Explorer: https://explorer.cartesi.ioStaking Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x9EdEAdFDE65BCfD0907db3AcdB3445229c764A69
  10. DIA product update: Synthetix farming/staking scraperDocumentation: https://docs.diadata.org/documentation/methodology/digital-assets/return-rates-in-crypto-farming#total-debt-systemsAPI endpoint for sETH pool: https://api.diadata.org/v1/FarmingPoolData/Synthetix/0xD0DC005d31C2979CC0d38718e23c82D1A50004C0The DIA Oracle is live with the pool info for sETH: https://docs.diadata.org/documentation/oracle-documentation/farming-pools DIA product update: Loopring staking scraperAPI endpoint for LRC pool: https://api.diadata.org/v1/FarmingPoolData/LOOPRING/LRCDocumentation: https://docs.diadata.org/documentation/methodology/digital-assets/return-rates-in-crypto-farming#estimation-of-pool-rates-from-total-rewardsThe DIA Oracle is live with the pool info for LRC: https://docs.diadata.org/documentation/oracle-documentation/farming-pools
  11. ⚡️AMA @bubbalexmedia x ThunderCore Full RecapWe had a great AMA with ThunderCore today in our Telegram community, here is a Full Recap for those, who missed the live AMA. Full Recap: https://link.medium.com/vH0ye1dLScb
  12. ⚡️Don't forget to join our AMA in bubbalexmedia today! Full announcement: https://t.me/thundercore_announcements/203AMA Time: January 8, 13:00 UTCAMA Place: https://t.me/bubbalexmedia_chat
  13. Partnership with ExeedmeWe are happy to announce that the gaming platform Exeedme will integrate DIA's open-source price oracles to power the monetisation of gamer's skills through a betting mechanism.https://medium.com/dia-insights/partnership-with-exeedme-775dce729a1d
  14. Partnership with PiSwap DeFiDIA is excited to announce a partnership with PiSwap DeFi to power the aggregation of DeFi products in a simple management interface.https://medium.com/dia-insights/partnership-with-piswap-defi-753ca45dc445
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