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  1. The best site to earn Bitcoin / cryptocurrency is freelancer website such as xbtcfreelancer, you can work with passion and you can earn more than $10. Or you can go hard work at the companies that offer small task, it's not require skill, but you need a lot effort to collect $10 per day.
  2. Twitter will not create cryptocurrency, Jack Dorsey prefer to Bitcoin rather than create own cryptocurrency, he's the fan of Bitcoin. For more details: https://www.ccn.com/jack-dorsey-twitter-crypto-bitcoin/ I will support twitter if they want to adopt Bitcoin on their platform.
  3. Yes indeed, CMC use exchange API for their database which means the data is directly show up on their website. I found a website that use real data (although it's not 100% accurate and the interface looks like CMC), try marketcap.cc
  4. Electrum is the best lighting wallet so far, I never have problem until right now, as long as you use recent wallet and update the wallet when there is an update. Use exchange wallet for your spending/trading coins only, don't use it as your main wallet.
  5. Yes, you can googling it about blockchain wallet compromised, there are some complaints about the problem of blockchain wallet until right now. Although the wallet is popular, online wallet is not guaranteed.
  6. You know silk road? Most of the transaction there use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (for now silk road is dead, the owner has been arrested). Tell your friends that fiat was used as a transaction tool on the black market long before Bitcoin was born. This view must be removed from the society, too many people judge something without thinking and research. In the end they are the losers.
  7. Too many trading bots are not competent right now, even bots that are paid. Trading bots also shut down your trading skills. It's better to invest in other things.
  8. Bitcoin price in sideaway recently, maybe more people hold it until the halving comes. But it's need own research to make a decision when the right time to buy Bitcoin, there are so much speculation about Bitcoin halving.
  9. If you ask lowest fees, the blockchain network now charge cheaper fees if you make a transaction. Yobit, Poloniex and Bittrex. If you looking for lowest withdrawal fees, especially Bitcoin most of them charge almost same amount, it's because they used fixed rate, they can't adjust it with the network.
  10. It's hard to stop scammers and spammers in digital world, it's like a fungus that spreads throughout the world. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to use a competent and trusted middle-man or escrow.
  11. Trading is profitable if you have a skill on it, actually it's need more time, more experience and more capital to get rich in trading. If you are a passive investor, it's better to invest in trusted company. Or you can invest in stacking coin which have a brighter future.
  12. That's my point exactly. How do you know when the price go down? Indeed, you need a knowledge about the market trend. The point is learn first and research more.
  13. Obviously the Chinese government is not really open to cryptocurrency, no government really tolerates cryptocurrency, they want to make their own cryptocurrency so they have a profit for themselves, making the statement that they are a crypto friendly is bullshit.
  14. Trading pairs between BTC/altcoin and BTC/fiat seems interesting to me, because the market trends both have different gaps, for example when BTC/fiat are high prices, BTC / altcoin are low prices, I can take advantage of that momentum into profits.
  15. Fortunejack is still my favorite gambling website, and sports book is still my favorite games to play. Btw, tron wallet offer a gambling feature?
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