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  1. Indeed, cryptocurrency technology will change the traditional money system that has been outmoded. The regulations still growing, i'm sure cryptocurrency will be recognized all over the world, no doubt.
  2. I think it's better to spend all your mistakes at this time, don't ever do after the cryptocurrency has been used worldwide, we can be a pioneer at the future. So learn from all your mistakes will help you to become more expert in the future.
  3. DOGE designed as for fun only at the beginning of it's coin created, but the demands growing time by time, DOGE usually used as gambling coin. I don't really know why Bitfinex didn't listed DOGE on their market, but i can assume that Bitfinex didn't interested at all, probably because the purpose of DOGE creation.
  4. There are some University that facilitate blockchain course on their school, i think this good for cryptocurrency itself, also for all the students, they can learn new kind of technology in industry v.4.
  5. Earn money online, especially cryptocurrency is the one of activities that can beneficial, besides it's can do anytime and anywhere, it's have more various ways to earn depends on what we want.
  6. Yobit investment box can be a form to earn extra interest, although it's need more period to earn the interest, but it's better to just hold your coins in the wallet without growing it.
  7. We can expected the real purpose of cryptocurrency utility, to replace traditional money as we called fiat, make the transaction transparent, easy, low fees and can use worldwide without worry about the delay and high fees.
  8. "If" cryptocurrency dead, the demands will drop drastically, there's no digital currency anymore, everything will be stay at traditional system, all those innovative technology will be dead and we all live in the ancient world.
  9. Besides it's coins supply, the demands also affected to the price, If there's no demands i'm sure the coin will be dead immediately although it's just have very limited amount of supply. So the basic of economy really embedded in cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  10. TBH, centralized exchange is more promising, especially those big exchange such as Binance, Bittrex. Decentralized exchange nowadays lack of volume because it's lack of interested. Those DEX should run promotion campaign to attract more people. Technically DEX more secure rather than CEX.
  11. My fear is just about the volatile market, at the first time i fear about the price will drop drastically to zero value, but time goes by i understand about the basic of economy and cryptocoins circulations works.
  12. The capability of managing ourselves is necessary in cryptocurrency world, there are so many gaps for the scammer to enter, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that it can be prevented or even destroyed. Learning more is very necessary.
  13. That's true, the government regulation is the real problem of cryptocurrency that will always overshadow. We can't force the government, unless they start to create their own cryptocurrency.
  14. No, cryptocurrency is the last innovation of digital money that can change the traditional money system. There are still more features that can be discovered in cryptocurrency development.
  15. Leaving some coins in the exchange need have a purpose, don't ever store all your asset on the exchange, even if it's a big exchange which have an insurance system. I leave some coins on the exchange for trading and staking purpose.
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