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  1. last week some one gives a offer of free money about 30 usd. but the rule is you need to deposit 35 usd and take a bet to withdraw the free money. that was suspicious to me.
  2. from my trading experience the biggest mistake is over trading. i always look for candlestick patters and i trade based on that even they are not form correctly.
  3. there high chances to cross 20k usd this year but before that it will drop to 7.7k usd after then bullrun will begin. but this just a prediction.
  4. i didnt learned about crypto anywhere. just gained much knowledge by using it in everyday work. but steemit blog can be helpful for you.
  5. absolutely yes. decentralizing the world is one of the major aim of crypto community. decentralized exchange thousand times safer than centralized.
  6. you have said that bitcoin site. but those are capcha entry site. you mean to say that these site supports btc payment method right? i have worked on both site. and dont able to earn more than 1 dollar with 8 hours of continuous working.
  7. dont fear it a normal behavior of bitcoin. we have faced many big voletilation with bitcoin so be calm and wait for righ position.
  8. few years ago my friend told me about faucet website. so i created an account at faucethub and claimed some btc.
  9. its really a big positive news for the crypto community. but whales are always trying to manipulate the market. we should never do emotion based trade.
  10. because of its beautiful benefits. it really feels you amazing when you use crypto. its more secure,fast, and cheaper way to send money anywhere in the world.
  11. i think mining process will be stopped and they will make alternate way to execute transactions. i really dont have deeper knowledge about it.
  12. never we need to advertise more about positive sides of bitcoin so people can attract with that. there will be more user.
  13. i never seen any crypto which has higher value than the bitcoin. can you explain more, where did you seen that currency?
  14. faucets are being worth in past days but now just waste of time, i would say its humiliation of time. you dont even make 1 dollar by claiming 24 hr.
  15. i really think so there many projects that are much faster, cheaper fee,secure and good trading values. i wonder they can beat bitcoin.
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