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  1. Maybe ethereum was touch 500$ ago.But still price is just near 250$ and hopefully i can tell etherum price will increase very soon as before.
  2. Tradibg and gambling is not same.That is fully deferent work. If you be trader you can control your trade and money but if you be gambler you never control your game.
  3. If you be beginner welcome to cryptotalk . You can make daily 30 post and you will get pay by post. But every post must be useful and standard.
  4. Yes all cryptotalk user is like a family. And all cryptotalk user behavior is too friendly like this website. All user can earn some by useful post.
  5. Of course I am agree with you. Because for every professional work portfolio selection is very important . And as a trader portfolio choice is too nedd. Without it you can't get enough success.
  6. My opinion is your investment plan is too good at present time in xrp or ripple. Because ripple price is some increasing at the current time that coin price will up more in future.
  7. Bitcoin or btc price is current under 10 thousand. I hope next bitcoin market will up and if bitcoin market will up all crypto market price will increase.
  8. Bisection effect is most important for market. Now, find the value of f(x) at a= 1 and b=2. The given function is continuous and the root lies in the interval [1, 2]. Let “t” be the midpoint of the interval. f(t) is negative, so b is replaced with t= 1.5 for the next iterations.
  9. Oh my god ! how is possible .I think that's not too easy . If bitcoin or btc demand reach very high or up than it will some possible . If all country allow btc than that price can reach.
  10. I think binance is best exchange to trade any kind of crypto currency. Most of the biggest investor use binance for buy or sell any currency . So i can recommend it.
  11. Alright activist is very very important for trading as a new online trader . After join trading all always should achieve education about trading because that's very important for big profit.
  12. Passion,patience,persistence is three part of trading. If you have no this three in one you will never success in trading. But passion or emotion control is very important when you have trading work.
  13. Ofcource investment on crypto currency is fully safe if you have enough knowledge about crypto currently. Befor crypto investment you should choice a best coin than you should analysis about that coin thsn investment is alright.
  14. After make a post that post do popular and hot is not impossible. That will possible if your post will good topic and standard .If your your post have that mixer your post will trending and hot.
  15. At the present time i think trading signal providing is one kind of Professional work. If you have enough educated and skills about trade you can provide signal.
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