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  1. Is there still something like that? if there is help please share it here so that all members can try it.
  2. bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is very appropriate to receive payment, because bitcoin can be sent anywhere without a third party.
  3. Lending Cryptocurrency is profitable, but the risk will be lost. It's better to buy and sell, you can hold your own assets.
  4. There is nothing wrong with bitcoin, what is wrong is people who use it, it is used for crime or fraud, this is what makes bitcoin prices go down.
  5. As long as possible bitcoin will continue to exist, because bitcoin will continue to grow every year, like a river that always flows into the ocean.
  6. Got nothing, I prefer looking for bitcoin and filling it up a lot, and this week I rarely trade. maybe the others have a lot of income.
  7. Is there a faucet that really pays like freebitco.in? Now many faucet sites, but mostly scam, do not want to pay.
  8. A PC with an I7 core processor is very fast to open any site, as long as there is internet. Most crypto markets are rather heavily run.
  9. Because bitcoin is the king of crypto, so other crypto can't beat bitcoin, maybe the others might be lost but bitcoin will still be there.
  10. I have done a lot of transactions using bitcoin, such as buying cellphone credit, paying bills and many online stores want to accept bitcoin.
  11. I am also surprised that many people play gambling by throwing some BTCs and I can't help thinking, money is wasted, it would be nice to share or create forums like this.
  12. If education as it can be spread throughout the world will bring a positive impact on crypto, it is only just partly.
  13. There are many mistakes for traders, the most painful ones are: Fomo, hoax news, wrong buying, wrong selling and careless origin.
  14. That is bitcoin, its rise and fall cannot be controlled, so we have to be able to buy right and sell right so we can make a profit.
  15. Litecoin and Ripple are the longest coins after bitcoin, meaning that they are among the top 10 Cryptos, so they cannot be doubted.
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