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  1. I think fiat money is superior because fiat can be used directly everyday, while bitcoin needs a process to use it.
  2. Prices are not what we imagined, I think at the end of this year there was a surge in bitcoin, but instead it continued to go down, this was just stressful.
  3. We recommend that students do not be told crypto first, let them search for a lot of knowledge so that later it will be useful for many people if the crypto problem later with the passage of time they will understand themselves
  4. there is a difference but the selling points are the same whether ethereum or ether, the price is the same. ethereum cannot hold a token if ether can hold a token
  5. Is this edinar still running or not, it's been a long time since I knew how it was? is it still profitable like it used to be or even has no price?
  6. Both the spot or option as long as it can be profitable certainly move around, as long as there is profit, everyone will too.
  7. During the crypto world is always looking for ways to get bitcoin, by starting trading, faucet and airdrop, basically always looking for profit with bitcoin.
  8. Get used to dealing with bitcoin, all of them, he buys something with bitcoin such as clothes, household items, pulses, electricity bills and so forth.
  9. That is bitcoin, bringing happiness to many people, who originally did not have a job with the presence of bitcoin he can work, through bitcoin trading.
  10. Even though altcoin is more sophisticated than bitcoin, it still can't beat bitcoin, because bitcoin is the king of crypto.
  11. Wrong push, wrong buy, wrong sell, wrong coin and wrong prediction, those are the five mistakes of the treder in trading, whether intentional or not.
  12. I have been in crypto for 4 years from 2015, but the experience happened, starting from faucet, ptc bitcoin to now ico, bounty and airdrop.
  13. For now, wait for bitcoin to go down, then choose coins with high upward potential, such as xlm, bat and xrp, or you can find out which coin information is the best to buy.
  14. I suggest to trade crypto rather than forex trading, forex trading can lose your money and be too high risk.
  15. Trying to understand trade is far better than being afraid, who dares to go into work that he fears will get extraordinary experience.
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