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  1. As per the general crypto rule one should not trust the exchanges with your crypto but now Binance has become a google of the crypto world even if they face any hacks they can easily compensate their users since they make more money from the users through fees. They are very dynamic in adopting to the changing market trends and it is the one of the most trusted exchange in the crypto world
  2. But in this way how will you convert back to BTC again and what will be the fees for it will it be economical? or will you continue holding the changed currency?
  3. Crypto is always volatile and its good as it gives the opportunity to invest in the better prices for those who beleives in it but will definitely be in a good spot in the long term
  4. Actually this should be in the range of 9k to 10k but because of the corona melt down every asset class is facing this heat and BTC is getting stabilised in this zone as there is major resistance in the 7k level which has the higher probability to break upwards lets hope for the best
  5. I believe the price of bitcoin will be in the range of 15K to 20K in the end of year 2020 and we might see a bull run early next year or later next year.
  6. Always prefer fiat to buy the BTC as the charges for using credit card is very high. Using credit is always risky if you are not able to pay your credit card dues if you plan to trade with it shortly and payback the dues with the profits made in the short time. If you are not able to buy with fiat for some reason and still want to use credit card then its fine
  7. BetHash

    Paying Apps

    Are you looking for crypto paying apps or kind of other apps which gives you some earnings in fiat for completing some activities kind of stuff.? If it is crypto then you should be very careful about the scam and fake apps stealing user information from the system kindly check the fair reviews and the no of downloads before download If it is fiat there may be some depends on the country you are residing at
  8. BetHash


    Actually it's a very sad situation that lot of people are getting affected and dying everyday but regarding markets its good for young people as it is a good opportunity to buy at cheap prices so just accumulate as much as you can when the prices are low
  9. Because people need some incentive to get their friends and followers to any site. Without any referral commission do you think people will get the platform to their friends I don't think so everyone needs some incentive to do some job or people interested to do things which are benefical to them in any means.
  10. The thing I like the most in the cryptocurrency is the globalization it offers mainly in the cross border payments which is very costly right now which can be done in one-hundredth of the traditional methods.If you want to transfer a dollar from USA to Australia or any other country in the world it would just take a minute if we use faster cryptos like Tron, EOS or any other cryptos which would take atleast a day in the traditional system
  11. Actually trading and investing is different and of course both are risky in cryptocurrency as the volatility is high when compared to any other markets out there. So newbies should know in detail about the volatility risk associated with the cryptos and other risks i would list are, Liquidity risks - for small cap coins where lot of new people get affected on seeing the price rise and getting in to those coins and unable to exit from those because of the liquidity. So people should not fall prey to pump and dump coins Wallet risk - they should know the importance of the wallet recovery key and their password before storing the cryptos as we see many poeple forget the recovery key and losing coins stored in it. Scam risk - some random people offering investing ideas and platform to steal others cryptos So newbies should first be informed about the various risks associated before getting in to it
  12. Actually its a gud thing that mining BTC just through browsing but when compared to the Hash rate of BTC how much do you think you can make through this mining if you do it for a month may be few bucks if i'm not wrong and it will ruin your computer and power usuage as well It's a good move and benefits user rather than downloading the specific wallets for staking the corresponding coins. staking through exchanges like Binance benefits in making the process simple and easy. BInance just added EOS to their staking coins list
  13. Actually its bittrex which was top before binance but during the ICO craze where many alts seen a crazy run during the 2017 at that time listing in binance was very simple and easy it was famous for trading alts and people started liking the binance interface and its improvements continued to stick with binance and bittrex was facing regulatory issues and binance evolves in to the top exchange
  14. If you are interested in trading then my suggestion would be don't trade other than top 5 coins by market cap if possible just stick to BTC and ETH alone. Learn some basic technical analysis which is crucial for the trading to know about the support and resistance. Just practice your trading strategy through paper trading for a month or two just look at your paper trade stats then you will get confidence for further trading
  15. Most of the people here heard the word bitcoin atleast once during the last major bull run but still there is some people who haven't heard about crypto or bitcoin. It's hard for those who entered at the top will afraid to come back to crypto they should understand the technology and price movements.
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