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  1. Key is always too diversify your holdings in multiple investments. And never bet on one horse. I do trade in Cryptos, I have some garageboxes which i rent out, Own some stocks, and borrowing money out to companies with 15% interest.
  2. They trade in CFD's with a large spread so I wont use them. But you can use their demo account to learn to trade though.
  3. Dont forget Arbitrage trading that is one if you know how to trade fast really low risk and it can earn you a lot a day.
  4. Dont be scared but you must know how to trade properly with a solid base of understanding the market and you can always try a demo account first.
  5. But why is it that there is such a spike in the Gold price? its 20% higher than usual. But I know if some economies are struggeling like China because of the virus it has a spike. But its that all behind the interest in Gold.
  6. Its a though one but It does have a solid framework and fanbase. Its the number 6 coin in the market so I dont see this one going away really soon. But about the price I dont know for sure. I bought some at 0.0135 and is now 50 down so Im still holding them.
  7. First tranfer it back from yoda to BTC and than BTC to LTC. is for BTC/Yoda than after here are the two links you need too use. but it is a small mistake everyone will do this sometimes.
  8. What do people think now the bitcoins is going to? It is playing with the 10000 mark a lot. And does it go down before the halving or up?
  9. If I see it happening and I was too late. I do feel bad but I also know there are a lot more oppertunities to profit from.
  10. I think its good to understand how the market is moving but its as I see it still a bit hard to read the lines and what the mean because you need to spot the patterns.
  11. Its hard because PP or netteller dont directly wanna sell it but you can use or Paxful there are vendors who will wanna change your btc to almost every other emoney.
  12. Litecoin is really low atm. So yes I do think its a good investment. I do have some too but I lending it out because if hodl them atm.
  13. First of all try to spread your portfolio in different coins. So you wont bet on just one horse. And try not to invest all on cryptos.
  14. Big portion if my coins I hold and bought them cheap. But i do lend them out on various platforms so even the market isnt moving I still get some interest back from them.
  15. I dont know it exaxcly how it works but two traders I know do this every day. And they work at Binckbank in the Netherlands. They say they can earn a lot with it a day.
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