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  1. I have a question about yobits invest box, maybe you know the answer. At some coins it says something like 10 ds, what does that mean?
  2. Personally I don’t have a problem with KYC. How can you potentially get scammed at localbitcoins? There’s a threshold and if there’s a problem you can report it to lbtc support
  3. I use Coinbase exchange. Personally I don’t see a big deal in the exchange fees since bitcoin is already very volatile so it can easily increase in value quite fast making the fees seem very small
  4. Coinbase is already quite good in my opinion. If you want to use Moreno payment systems I suggest you to check out localbitcoins
  5. Seems to be a legit business at first glance. Right now all my investment money is in circulation but I’ll bookmark your website for later
  6. I live in Europe, there are hundreds of exchangers who are happy to buy my bitcoin for euro. Personally I usually use Localbitcoins or coinbase to exchange my funds
  7. As people already mentioned it’s suggested that you choose a different coin to withdraw. I personally sell the earned Btc and withdraw to payeer (2% fee)
  8. You get paid for writing on a forum. Who wouldnt be happy with such a service? I’m definitely gonna stick around for a longer time 😄
  9. Sounds good. Personally I am not interested in games that pay you. Most of them pay very little and I don’t want to spend my time playing a boring game for a few satoshi per hour
  10. I agree. I have both, stocks and cryptos. The more your diversify the better. I always split my salary into different investment options so I can reduce the risk of loosing it all
  11. I absolutely agree. Always have a backup of your 2 FA invade something happens to your phone. Luckily many sites that use 2FA offer you to remove it from your account if you send them some information (last trade/last deposit/withdrawal etc.)
  12. Sounds like a nice and profitable campaign. I already signed up and gonna check it out for sure 🙂
  13. Doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. You will always loose at gambling. There’s no magic trick to make you win on the long
  14. Do you mean he sells a Formular that tells you when to bet on an RNG bet to get a guaranteed win? If yes then please don’t buy this. It’s a guaranteed scam
  15. A telegram mining bot 😂 without even checking it out I can tell you this is just another HYIP that will disappear within a few weeks before you get even close to a withdrawal
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