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  1. very nice design! i have already played there a couple of times and really enjoy it. quick withdrawals and deposits and never had any problem with this site. i can really recommend it to everyone who is interested in such games 🙂
  2. i have worked with 2captcha for some weeks. if you really want to reach 200$ per month its a lot of work you have to put into this. sure, if you have nothing else to do its still kinda worth it but i dont recommend doing this and rather try to get an actual job
  3. You are correct. When I was younger I did the same mistake. Logged into a gambling website through public WiFi and the next day my 10 mBit were gone. Not gonna make the same mistake again
  4. you are right, wifi connections can be easily hacked. there are many youtube videos where people show how easy it is to access someones data through a public wifi. i recommend everyone to secure his or her wifi as much as possible and when using public wifi dont visit any financial or privat website
  5. reducing the fees is basically a good idea but only if you have the time and patience to wait a lot longer for your transaction. I once reduced the fees for a transaction by 50% wich saved me 10 cents but i had to wait almost 5 hours for my transaction to be completed
  6. I was one of the first people to comment on your business. How is it going so far my friend? Do you already have costumers and making sales? 🙂
  7. This all sounds fantastic but keep in mind that when there’s an opportunity to earn big there’s an even bigger chance to loose big. A 1000x leverage is very risky and shouldn’t be traded by beginners
  8. I once cashed out some bitcoin that I made with gambling. Converted them to fiat money and bought gold with it but I wouldn’t do a direct exchange. Just wouldn’t feel right for me
  9. I only use yobit to get my coins from cryptotalk to be honest. I once made an investment in sex token and made a small profit but that’s it for me
  10. Usually “older” people who grew up without smartphones or only weak computers are hard to convince about the crypto world. In my family only me and my brother are invested in cryptos
  11. Good tutorial. It’s always important to do a background check on any investment that you are planning to make online and also offline.
  12. If you have 200$ and want to earn 1-5$ per day that would be 0.5 to 2.5% daily profit. I doubt that’s possible but I recommend you to invest that money in P2P lending which will get you a nice passive income on the long run
  13. That’s a really nice service. I’ve always been thinking of there’s a service like that and now I’ve found you 😄 gonna try it in the next days for sure
  14. There is no legit way to make profits from casinos. The only semi legit way is to abuse certain bonus offers but it requires a lot of time reading the TOS and searching for good offers
  15. If you play until your money is gone that’s one symptom of gambling addiction. I agree with you, there’s no strategy that will get you profit on the long run so it’s best to just don’t start gambling at all
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