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  1. My strategy is to convert my bitcoin most times to litecoin and withdraw to the exchange with lower withdrawal fees. Withdraw using litecoin is cheaper on most exchanges and after that, convert it back to bitcoin
  2. The greatest advantage of crypto for me is the control it gave over my finances. I can withdraw my money when I want to without hassles. I can send crypto to anyone too any time of the day from the comfort of my home
  3. I gamble daily with crypto and I place bets on sports especially football. For me, it's been more rewarding than trading. Just add the advice you get when you want to trade, trade with what you can lose so is gambling. Gamble with what you can lose
  4. Majority like us are beginning to prefer gambling to trading. This is because for someone like me, it's easier to study teams than study coins metrics. Bitcoin will enjoy wider adoptions from sports betting and online casinos. This is the reason local bitcoin record over 30000 new accounts monthly
  5. I limit myself to trading coins in the first 50 brackets. Any coin outside this range for me is a bit risky. With this mindset, I am making profits steadily and do wish I can trade more to make more. I really do not buy ICO or IEO coins again
  6. I heard recently, with the halving of litecoin, there is a bug causing double spend and as such wallets and exchanges like coinbase now requires up to 6 confirmation before your transactions can be confirmed. Litecoin should do more as the coin is great
  7. Your private key should be kept private as the name implies. Avoid any supposed sites that asked for your private keys; bounties, telegram chat group and others. Once your private key is compromised, your fund is as good as gone
  8. People didn't really understand that much. Recently, I spoke with a friend who think buying bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is just like keeping your money online and viruses could attack it. I had to go through blockchain technology with them and after that told them about cryptocurrency and how it works. At the end, I wasn't able to convince them as they cannot even come to terms with the fact crypto is virtual
  9. Crypto is the future if the whales did not kill it in present with their greed and speculations. Government adopting digital currencies over the blockchain will likely affects cryptocurrency if the greed culture is not curtailed
  10. The only daily use of crypto for me is gambling. I once tried to purchase something online from a merchant in Nigeria but I paid in bitcoin but the good didn't arrive so I prefer to convert my crypto to fiat
  11. Recently in this forum, I stumbled on links on how to be a better trader. Guide to valuing cryptocurrency, technical analysis of cryptocurrency are books I am reading. You can split your money on different coins like you said but if you get your metrics right, you will still lose your cash. I think someone who wants to be a successful trader should learn crypto trading first by trading up
  12. Majority of these new guys came to crypto because of the bitcoin all time high and believe bitcoin will likely continue to rise in that trajectory. So they become impatient when they see bitcoin, against what they were told is still below $10000. The impatience can also be linked to how they were convinced to join crypto
  13. I make money from crypto by sports betting. Majority of my holdings comes from there. Money I made, I used to trade and I convert some to fiat currency to meet pressing needs
  14. Gambling is it for me. I don't have the mining equipment neither do I have enough resources to set one up. As for trading, I'm a passive trader and only make profits maybe monthly. With crypto gambling, I make enough crypto to invest in trading
  15. Well, I can give you one reliable evidence. Recently in the city of Abuja, Nigeria, two people were kidnapped and ransom requested in bitcoin. The ransom was paid to these kidnappers in bitcoin and cases like this are on the rise
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