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  1. This can be achieved, but through stages, not in a single deal or in a short period because it is impossible and can not happen
  2. Bitcoin would then have finished its first phase of liquefying the currency and the price setting stage and its rise to the sky
  3. The most dynamic and cryptocurrency countries are China and Russia, which are the most dominant investment sites and platforms
  4. It is a new currency derived from Bitcoin It's like cheese that is extracted from milk We are formed two skimmed milk and cheese Same for btg
  5. There are only hyip sites which are dangerous sites and therefore I do not advise you because it may benefit from them and you may lose and I do not believe that there is a reliable site for investment
  6. You are encrypted and cryptocurrency on yobit platform and you can get your own encryption on request and after completing the required procedures
  7. What you want to know about the yobit platform exactly However, it is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and it provides the dollar on its platform and is the only platform that supports several ways to ship through the dollar and also high prices in trading and this makes you earn more and offer a lot of features
  8. Before investing you have to bring a pen and paper Write down the potential risks and gains and make a decision after each depending on the risk and earnings ratio
  9. Bitcoin through which you can earn a lot of profits because of the large fluctuations that it is exposed and this makes it a good currency to trade compared to stable currencies
  10. This news is not strange and previously closed microwallet and sites similar to this site fucethub like systemhub previously That's some problems with governments
  11. Statistics can be changed all the time That is why I think it is appropriate for the Forum to develop these statistics
  12. Uid cannot be changed due to fraud that may occur by some members So you cannot change your membership number
  13. I think this is a temporary measure in order to clean up the forum and control the quality of topics to be a sophisticated forum just type in important topics
  14. Trading is good and has excellent gains but for professionals who are good at trading For starters, it may seem a little difficult
  15. Where is the explanation if you will provide an explanation should be illustrative because no one will understand you
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