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  1. I think social media and other websites that block ads on their platforms because of governments as well as to protect their customers from fraud
  2. Yes, you can view more details on any topic by placing the mouse button only on the topic and a mini window will appear
  3. I want to see a special section in the Arabic language and I recommend myself to be an observer of this section because I am fluent in all Arabic dialects
  4. Depending on the mood, expressions of my feelings are made, but sometimes I hide my true feelings, such as anger
  5. Indeed, this makes your posts more reliable and makes members trust their content always and this will increase the good reputation
  6. I do not know the exact cause of this error, but I believe that it is not possible to offer profits on the dollar plan
  7. YOPONY is like a horse race in which the horse that will win is bet and by the right bet they make a profit
  8. This is not impossible and the LTC coin is expected to rise and return to the price of $ 100 if the price of bitcoin rises significantly
  9. Yes, fees are subject to change at any time without notice, depending on the number of transactions on the currency
  10. Investing in the YOBIT platform is good, but there is some risk in it because the currency you invest in may be exposed to death or a sharp fall in its price, so you should be careful.
  11. Yes, this is correct. You should not use your primary email address and password, and they must be changed when you register in new and less well-known sites.
  12. Each member must provide his best in order to develop the forum as well as avoid bad reputation and for this must not repeat posts and avoid copying and pasting and spam
  13. What you say is absolutely true and I went through the same stages that I went through and I did not expect to become a trader one day, but after I entered the field of cryptocurrencies changed my life
  14. I prefer to store my bitcoin currency so that its price rises reasonably and then sell or convert it to another currency in order to achieve greater profits on yobit platform
  15. I had successful and failed experiences of course in the field of cryptocurrency trading, but successful experiences were much more than failed experiences and this is a good thing.
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