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  1. There are specialized web pages like to tell if a site is fake or legitimate, also if it has been reported in the web community. They also recommend first, always verify that the URL is correct and that there is a small padlock symbol on the left side of the web.
  2. To work with cryptocurrencies I prefer telegram, it allows you many things at the same time such as promoting your channel, chatting with all your contacts at once, you only need video calls and they will have it available very soon.😊
  3. Of course, we are all also waiting for the new yobit token talk to earn token through work in the forums. According to I saw a news in an official channel it will be for November of this year.😁
  4. My favorite currencies when it comes to withdrawing from an exchange are LTC, XRP, DASH, DOGE, RUB, due to the speed of their transactions at the time of collection and their low fees.
  5. It is best not to invest all the capital in one place, in this world you have to diversify, since each project is different and it may be good or bad to make a profit.😁
  6. Yes, $ 300 is more than enough to start making a profit in yobit, I recommend scalping, it is the fastest way to obtain profits, they always prepare new coins to buy.😁
  7. That's right, I only give a reputation point if someone really deserves it and there is good writing and information on the subject in their publication. As you say there are many who receive points from and do not deserve it😀
  8. It is impossible for bitcoin to reach that price, or that it would not have competition in the market with other important cryptos. It may be that it will reach no more than $ 80 thousand in 5 years.😀
  9. If it is as you say, it is not just about making money in the publications, here we can at the same time learn about many things in the world of cryptocurrencies, discuss ideas with other users of the forum, share income opportunities, in short they are many things that can be done to our benefit.
  10. TWT being a utility token of a wallet, it will have a good price in the future. Lately its price has increased and many think that its value will continue to rise, as it is listed in the best-known exchanges.
  11. The best thing would be to promote your airdrop referral link and the pages where you work is to create a telegram or youtube channel where you report on your pages, only then you will have lots of references, another way is that you promote in telegram groups, facebook and also in forums.
  12. I currently have about 5 hot so-called wallets in use, and only one cold one to save my earned cryptocurrencies more safely. The ideal is not to keep a lot of money stored in hot wallets or in exchange, due to the insecurity that is run by leaving it there.
  13. The usdt being a stable currency helps us to maintain our savings and not lose their value, since with other cryptocurrencies there is a lot of instability in prices. The usdt is available in the vast majority of known exchanges.
  14. For ease and convenience a wallet in a mobile application is better, but in security it would be better to have a cold wallet, since hot wallets can have an online scam and are more insecure. Of course, you can keep small amounts in mobile wallets for your use only.
  15. Of course you can use an android emulator for your PC for what you need, there are many on the market, but the one that has served me is one called MEMU, it runs very well on my PC despite having almost no ram memory alone 2gb, on a pc with more memory it would work great for you. You can download the most up-to-date version with android on its official website. You will not regret it.
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