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  1. this thread is main bitsler promotions thread. They maybe will start another promotions in the future. And they will post it here. It will be better than creating another thread for every new promotions. Also there is still on going contest. Here is the example. I think the result of this contest winners isn't decided yet. So it's still count as on-going promotions or contest.
  2. too bad, i don't have any bitsler account. so maybe i can't participate in this competition.
  3. Some accounts with the same IP should be banned to prevent people abusing this forum. They will spread some spam to get payment for his post in this forum. I think it would be good if the rules is one IP for one household.
  4. I think it Will be better If you buy some BTC. I think bitcoin is the only coin that Will be good for a long-term Investment. If you want some altcoins for a long-term, i suggest you to hold some XRP. I think stellar price always get dumped, because There are still a lot of airdrop that give stellar for free in a huge total amount for airdrop.
  5. Yes, the spams are gone now. But, some of member here created some similar topics, even they created the same topics with each other. I don't know why those both of the same topics still exist, but i tried to help the moderator by reported the duplicate posts and topics.
  6. I think Trading anonymously, Security and safety are not crypto advantages anymore. When i know about the cryptocurrency for the first time, i loved it because it's anonymous. But nowadays almost every exchangers required KYC from all of their customer which we don't know that it Will be safe or not.
  7. i just have 14 ETH for now, too bad i can't stake my ETH when ethereum 2.0 release. i can't imagine how much ETH we will get if i stake these 32 ETH. but i don't know with this staking system will make ethereum price become good or not. but at least they improved the ethereum technologies.
  8. i am a long-term investors of ETH and BTC. i've bought 9 ETH in december 2018 when it price was $90 and i still keep buying untill now. i have 14 ETH now and i still hold it. i will sell it if ETH reach $800-$1000.
  9. no, i agree with OP. i believe 10% was too high. some coins with scam and fake project will die. also some serious project will get abandonned by their developer and teams. they will become a deadcoin and shitcoins soon. some new coins will not guarantee to become a good coin and will survive on some market in 2020.
  10. you can earn $10 per day if you have some funds. if you have some skill in trading you can try it. or you can do some gambling, but both of them have their own risk. you can try yobit investbox too, since it will give you some profit with a low risk.
  11. I like tutorials section. I always get some new knowledge from There. It's the most useful section im this forum. Also i like mining sections, because some people shared their own experience in mining. Also they shared about a good mining hardware and what coins to mine that still give ya some profit.
  12. Confirmations just take some Times and you Will get your coins soon. The most annoying thing on cryptocurrency world is SCAM and FRAUD projects. You won't get your money forever if you send or invest your money in a scam project or exchangers. Also some FUD news always annoy me.
  13. agreed. nowadays some people still mining with their computer (CPU mining), which won't make you any profit. most of them has used ASIC mining for mine some coins. also becareful about some scam stuff. just do some research to before you choice some products. don't fall for scam.
  14. yeah of course, if bitcoin is controlled by some companies, i think it will scam you a long time ago. because its price is very high now compare to 8-9 years ago. i think the creator of bitcoins has a good thought before released it.
  15. i think it's not too bad for selling some stuff that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. especially for ebook, there are still a little bit ebook seller that using crypto as payment. if you sell it, of course i will buy it. but, what e-book do you sell ?
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