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  1. Although they are cleaning the forum, there are still so many shitposts and duplicate topics. btw, i don't get any payment in 15 november, but i get my payment for yesterday post. i post 16 and get paid for 3 posts only. I try to make some posts today, and let's see how it works.
  2. That's the problem. I think that solution make it even worst. Because i'm sure there will be a lot of shitpost and spam in all topics. Then it will be deleted again by admin. Also how if some old member who have post more than 2000 post got deleted by admin? let's say that it got deleted around 1000 post. Should they post 1000 more post to getting paid again? I don't get paid in 8-11 november, started to paid me again in 12-14 november, but yesterday till now i didn't get paid again. It always happen in weekend, the payment always stop.
  3. yeah, when i become an employee, i have jumped in crypto world. but i must choose between crypto or real life job. but i decided to do some work in crypto world. believe me, i never used any funds to start earning in crypto world back then. first i did some bounties, i earned some BTC from it. then i used it for trading. then build some rig for mining. if you want to success on your job, just focus on it. i believe you will be a successful man if you do that.
  4. i think we don't need the mobile app for now. it will be useful if they fix some bugs and minimize the technical problems in this forum. when i tried this forum on my mobile browser, it is already mobile friendly. i have no problem when accessed it in my mobile browser.
  5. the most possible people who can steal your money in exchanger are hackers or the team itself. hacker upgrade their tool day by day to break the security system in some exchangers. also they create an app that contain malware or a phising tool. also the exchangers team itself that lie to other people that the money is stolen by hacker. but maybe the truth is the team steal all of the members money. so be careful on some exchangers, even KYC won't solve this problemm, but add another problem.
  6. i think bittrex have the same features too. the fast process on deposit and withdraw, good support and fast response. etc. except the KYC. bittrex required KYC to withdraw your assets. that's yobit adavantage. but yobit has a high withdrawal fee in BTC and DOGE.
  7. yes if you ever claimed several coins in yobit free coins in the past, there are many valuable coins given by yobit for free. also the amount of coins they gave was more than $ 1 in one time claim. they once gave CLAM there which is very popular back then.
  8. it's hard to find the exchangers which have a real volume. i'm sure most of exchangers use a fake volume. they used it to attract some investors and traders to use their platform. this fake volume usually used by a new exchangers, but some of big exchangers used it too. so, don't fall for that.
  9. i'm sure 80% of this forum members have come to this forum because of the "pay by post" promotion thing. and yeah, we share some good contents and share our experiences while getting paid. we don't do a spam post or anything bad. we obey the forum rules. so, that's the problem. we didn't get paid 1000 satoshi for every post we made, even after we have post so many times.
  10. i don't have to be paid to report some copy and paste post or spam post. it's against this forum rules. i think the best solution for now is pemanent banned for member who created this kind of post. also there are some staff in every categories, i'm sure they always monitor and review all of reprted post,
  11. are you sure the coins price will rise afer being unlocked from invest box? i think it will be dumped by dumper. because you know it's a free coins. i prefer to do some invest in investbox on well-known altcoins. including YO.
  12. yeah i remember that day. i bought so much bitcoin in 19 october, then sell in the bull market in the next week after i bought it. of course altcoin price will go to the moon if the bitcoin price is rise too. i think bitcoins price will hit its top price in the next year, after halving. i'm sure it will reach $20000 or more.
  13. 6 years ago i was an employee in a company. but since last year, i resigned and focus in cryptocurrencies world. i learned and do the trading and mining. I earned more money in crypto business than my salary when I was an employee.
  14. yeah collecting 30000 satoshi in everyday then use it for trading is a good choice. we wait until the altcoins price is drop, then buy it immediately with our income from cryptotalk. then sold it in the bull market. i'm sure your earnings from crypto talk will double.
  15. So if the problem is a gap, i tried to do some post today, and the post counter is still increased. That mean the gap didn't decreased. So how we can meet the gap between deleted post and our activity? The post counter must stop counting when we have some gap or deleted posts, or even decreased the number of our activity just like in bitcointalk. But i'll try to checked my previous post one by one today to check my posts are deleted or not
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