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  1. If we really often create topics, it would be nice to get feedback by expecting our topic or post to have quotes from other members. So we as topic makers can find out the results of topics that have been made whether it can provide benefits or indeed there are still many deficiency.
  2. Thanks to information related to malware in the telegram, indeed hackers and scammers are now aggressively searching for victims. We must always be careful in protecting ourselves from the threat of this malware. Do everything you can prevent malware, such as installing an antivirus, do not download applications or files carelessly, and avoid bot telegrams.
  3. yupi84goro

    Wallet Privacy

    Regarding privacy issues, it is now more difficult to find a wallet that maintains privacy. Because wallets are usually influenced by the government to carry out KYC verification. By doing that, there is no more privacy in our lives.
  4. Thank you for sharing a list of apps to make money on a mobile phone, even though the average payment is very small. But if we run it seriously then we increase our income.
  5. Nobody knows for sure whether bitcoin will indeed reach $ 15k before halving. But if we look at the price movements of bitcoin on the market today it is very difficult to return to the price of $ 10k, still stuck now at the price of $ 9500. So it's possible going back to the price of $ 15k will be difficult as it seems.
  6. Since January 2020 I think the bearish market has ended, because the price of cryptocurrency on the market has all increased. Now we have entered the bullish market in 2020, which is likely to last until the end of the year.
  7. I don't think you can reply to a post that the topic might have been locked or deleted by a moderator. The thing is there are no rules regarding a newbie not being able to reply to posts.
  8. In my opinion, it's best to avoid using coinpayment wallet if we don't get clear information about coinpayment wallet. If it's safe it's not a problem, but if the scams will be very dangerous.
  9. Thank you for sharing a mobile app to make money. Indeed, I have never tried this appfun, but how to produce money like this is already widely used by others. Usually the constraints of the pay provided are very low. But I am see proof of withdrawal of $ 5. If a day can get $ 5 is very good to do.
  10. It's not wrong to use profit sharing methods with professional traders. This way is widely used in forex trading, but for me do not want to do this. Because in my opinion it is too dangerous to let other people who use capital we are for trading, even though the person is trusted and a professional trader.
  11. I am actually very surprised by what happened to IDAX exchanges. But what has happened has to be dealt with. Didn't expect exchanges as large as IDAX could become scams, and the terrible thing was that there was an insider's involvement. The disadvantaged here all IDAX users. May be an example for all of us, to be more careful not to save all our funds on exchanges.
  12. Of course I prefer the local currency to convert the bitcoin that I have, because it will be easier when I later will spend it. And also by directly converting to a local currency I can send it to a bank account.
  13. A very good idea for his charity projects, indeed we as humans should live respecting each other and helping each other. And I'm also sure there are some cryptotalk members who are willing to help by giving a portion of their income. The most important thing the management must be right if the idea is realized.
  14. Very true in the world of cryptocurrency the role of wallet is very important in securing the funds that we have. Because sometimes cryptocurrency we have to hold in the wallet for a long time. In my opinion the safest crypto wallet is a hardware wallet because it was created keep crypto coins for a long time. And for my online wallet I recommend coinbase wallet.
  15. I'm also not very good at English vocabulary, even now I still learn a lot from various sources. But if You want to improve English vocabulary can learn from mobile apps such as Busuu, Drops, Duolingo, Hello English and Hellotalk.
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