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  1. Hi Cryptotalk! My name is Thom and I am the community manager for Planq Network. I am here to tell you all about Planq ($PLQ), and answer any questions you have! What is Planq? Planq is the very first cryptocurrency to keep mobile usability at heart. We want to take a step back from dependency on desktops. The Planq Blockchain is powered by the $PLQ token. Users in both developed and developing countries will now be able to harness the full potential of blockchain technology using their phones, rather than relying on a desktop computer system. This should have profound impacts on individuals and lead to overall crypto adoption. The Planq network runs on a Proof-of-stake (PoS) Consensus mechanism called Tendermint. Planq is built using the Cosmos-SDK and is IBC enabled. To be future-proof and leverage the power of Ethereum, the Planq blockchain is also an EVM-based blockchain (Ethereum virtual machine). The first application that Planq launched is Castrum, A mobile wallet that can receive and send crypto to other users has a fully encrypted chat and all the features the Planq blockchain offers. In the future, all cosmos-Defi applications such as osmosis will be accessible via Castrum. $PLQ is the native token for the Planq blockchain. $PLQ is currently only on decentralised exchanges (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Osmosis, Hopers) But will soon be on top 15 crypto exchanges. The team hails from the Netherlands, and development is coordinated by the Planq Foundation. The key features - Staking - Voting in governance - is our first app. This is a cosmos decentralised app library. With $PLQ you can upvote your favorite apps - Mobile-First development - Many in-house apps in development (Token generator, DEX, Web wallet dashboard), growing team of external devs. Any links to more information can be found on our Twitter @planqnetwork. I can not post external links yet Hopefully, I got you guys excited about the project. if you have any questions feel free to ask them!
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